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9 Reviews


24th March 2017
“Jamie was great and friendly, highly recommend Kingstyres & Autocare”


Renault Megane II • Radiator replacement

3rd February 2017
“Yes he was knowledgeable especially in diagnosing the problem and solution.”


Mercedes-Benz M-Class • Reduced Engine Power Inspection

Wrench hand blue

277 Reviews


Mobile Autocare

Essex, 20 years of experience

22nd March 2017
“£100 cheaper to fix radiator than anyone else. Fitted outside in under an hour. Excellent job will use the system again.”


Vauxhall/Opel Vectra-C • Radiator replacement

30th January 2016
“Very very happy darren did a great job-Quick& friendly😀!!”


Vauxhall/Opel Vectra-C • Alternator replacement


402 Reviews


20th March 2017
“They were both great, very friendly, great work ethic and got the job done. Really happy with the service and will be using them again!”


Honda Jazz • Radiator replacement

19th January 2016
“Great work, on time and great to deal with, would recomend”


Chrysler Grand Voyager • Service - Major


38 Reviews


Nicks Autos

Liverpool, 5 years of experience

19th March 2017
“The job was done in good time and mechanic then asked me to check car over. He was very polite and friendly.”


Toyota MR2 • Radiator replacement

2nd November 2016
“Pre-inspection report arranged from overseas. Inspection and report was carried out with no dramas”


Mini Mini • Pre-purchase Inspection

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11 Reviews


Rgm Garage Services Ltd

Lanarkshire, 35 years of experience

18th March 2017
“These two great men, offered friendship, communication and expertise as well as being industrious all the time. My great appreciation could only be known by someone who had experienced my difficult situation which was resoved by theses mechanics (Technicians?).”


Suzuki Grand Vitara • Radiator replacement

19th February 2017
“Craig was very professional and also very helpful with explaining the various car issues”


Ford Focus • Fan belt replacement

How much does a Car Radiator repair cost?

Labour times and part prices vary depending on the particular vehicle, but to give you an idea here are some examples.

Car Franchise Dealer estimate Independent Garage estimate ClickMechanic ClickMechanic Saving
Car2004 Mini Mini Franchise Dealer Est.£234 - £318 Independent Garage Est.£116 - £176 ClickMechanic Est.£116 - £175 Saving47%
Car2010 Vauxhall/Opel Astra-H Franchise Dealer Est.£189 - £279 Independent Garage Est.£124 - £195 ClickMechanic Est.£123 - £194 Saving32%
Car2000 Land Rover Discovery II Franchise Dealer Est.£324 - £371 Independent Garage Est.£184 - £208 ClickMechanic Est.£183 - £207 Saving43%
Car2009 Peugeot 308 Franchise Dealer Est.£218 - £301 Independent Garage Est.£127 - £196 ClickMechanic Est.£125 - £194 Saving38%
Car2013 Nissan Note Franchise Dealer Est.£190 - £210 Independent Garage Est.£125 - £138 ClickMechanic Est.£124 - £137 Saving34%

Want to learn more about Car Radiator repairs?

Read our short guide with information on costs, symptoms and more.

What does a Radiator do?

The radiator is a component in the engine that keeps the car's engine coolant cool. It consists out of radiator core with to each side a small tank through which the coolant flows. As the coolant flows through the radiator core it is cooled by the cold air that the radiator fan channels through the core. In turn the coolant's heat dissipates and the coolant is directed back to the engine's cooling channels.

How do you know there is something wrong with the Radiator?

  • When the 'Check Engine' warning light is on.
  • When the engine runs at a higher temperature than usual (overheating).
  • When there are leaks underneath the car (this is usually red, green or yellow fluid).
  • When there are leaks / moist patches on or around the radiator.

When should you consider a Radiator replacement?

Over time problems can occur with the radiator as it is subject to significant temperature fluctuations. Older cars were fitted with brass side tanks and a brass or copper, which were particularly prone to rust and leaks. Modern cars are generally fitted with plastic side tanks which, on the other hand, are prone to crack and can also leak engine coolant.

A leaking radiator should be addressed as soon as possible seeing that a lower level of engine coolant can lead to an overheating engine and severe engine damage. Additionally, radiators can also clog up with dirt, leading to the engine overheating as less coolant can run through the radiator.

Should you experience an issue like this or those listed earlier, it is advisable to have the radiator inspected and, if necessary, have it replaced. Seeing that the radiator is a component that is especially prone to wear it should always be serviced as and when stipulated in the guidelines set out by your car's manufacturer.

What happens during a Radiator replacement?

  • Mechanic will inspect the radiator and ancillaries for leaks.
  • Mechanic will subject the cooling system to a pressure test.
  • If necessary, the mechanic will replace the radiator.
  • Mechanic will advise if any other parts ought to be replaced (like the radiator hoses).
  • Mechanic will refill the cooling system with engine coolant.
  • Mechanic will run the engine and, if necessary, test drive the car (check for leaks again).

How much does a Radiator replacement cost?

The cost of replacing the radiator depends on your car and what parts your car's manufacturer recommends using for the replacement. Find out what you could save by having your radiator replaced by Clickmechanic, by selecting your car at the top of this page!

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