Car Electrics Inspection, Repair & Replacement Cost Guide

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How much does car electrical repair cost?

Car electrics refers to the electrical components and systems found in a vehicle which can include everything from the battery and starter motor to the headlights and taillights.

Average cost of an electrics repair by location

LocationAverage Cost

Car electrical repairs can start from as little as £70 to replace brake lights while an alternator replacement can cost around £250. Hence, the exact cost of an electrical repair will depend on the nature of the faults and the parts that need to be replaced. Your location can also be a key factor in determining the price of car electrics repair. For example, average hourly labour rates and demand in cities like London is around £50-£100 while in towns with lower demand, the labour rates can range from £35-£50. The type of mechanic, for example, a mobile mechanic vs a dealership garage technician can also affect the total cost of repairing or replacing car electrics.

Average cost of an electrics repair by manufacturer

Car MakeAverage Cost
Land Rover£251

How do you know if your car’s electrics need to be repaired?

  • The entertainment system is malfunctioning
  • Door locks are not working as they should
  • Cabin lights are flickering or dimming
  • Issue with starting up the engine
  • Multiple electrical components are failing simultaneously

Additionally, these are some common signs that your car electrics may need a repair:

Car won’t start

If the battery is flat or dead, the alternator or starter motor is faulty, this will cause issues with starting the car. When attempting to start a vehicle, a clicking noise is usually heard as a sign of electrical issues. The clicking indicates that there is not enough current flowing in the car's electrical system to start it.

Battery warning light on dashboard

The battery warning light or sometimes even the check engine light can light up which means there is an issue with the electrical system that needs to be fixed.

Faulty windows

Most newer cars have electric or power windows, unlike the older hand-operated windows. If there is a fault with the switches, motor or loose wiring, this will cause the power windows to malfunction

Headlight dimming

Dimming lights typically indicate low system voltage or a failure with the battery connections. This can result in dimly lit headlights, brake lights, tail lights as well as interior lights.

Frequently replacing and fixing blown fuses may also indicate an issue with the wiring system, which will require a specialist electrician to diagnose and fix.

Frequently asked questions about car electricals repair cost

How do I know if my car has an electrical fault?

If your car has an electrical fault, the most likely symptom is that the engine will not start. Other symptoms can include the engine stalling, the headlights and taillights not working, power windows not working and the radio not starting up. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is recommended to get them checked or diagnosed by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

How much is an electric diagnostic?

In the majority of cases, if a car won’t start it is most likely due to an electrical fault. In this case, a “Car Won’t Start” diagnostic carried out by a mechanic will carry out electrical tests, go through the diagnostic error codes and read live data to pinpoint the cause(s) of the issue. The cost for an electrical diagnostic can range from £70-£100 depending on the type of vehicle.

What causes car electrical problems?

Electrical problems in a car are often caused by poor maintenance or a defective or old battery. In some cases, corrosion and loose wiring can result in faulty electrics.

Is it safe to drive a car with electrical problems?

No, it is not safe to drive a car with electrical problems. If there is an issue with the car battery, alternator or starter motor, the car may not run properly or may even stop running altogether which can leave you stranded while on a journey. Driving with faulty lights, especially in low light conditions is a safety hazard and can cause an accident.

How long does a car electrical repair take?

Depending on the type of job, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to fix electrical car issues. For example, a simple brake light replacement can take around 30 minutes on average whereas a more complicated repair such as alternator replacement or wiring issues can take 2 hours or more.

Can I carry out a car electrics repair myself?

Unless you are a qualified mechanic with the required skills, training and equipment to do the job, we strongly recommend any repairs related to car electrics are only carried out by a professional mechanic.
Car electrical systems involve live currents, which can be dangerous if not handled properly and can also lead to further damage to the vehicle. ClickMechanic can help get you a vetted and local mechanic to carry out the work.

What happens during a car electrics repair or replacement?

In many cases, the source of an electrical issue is not easily identified and so the first step is for a trained mechanic to diagnose the problem. Once the problem has been identified, the required repairs can be performed. In cases where the issue is obvious, for example, a blown headlight bulb can simply be replaced with a new bulb.