Where Is My Car Battery Located?

car battery location

Batteries can be one of those car components that can be an absolute pain. Sometimes they can inexplicably die or become flat, or the battery terminal can corrode. Battery checks and replacements are among the most requested jobs on cars. In this guide we will share where you can actually find the battery in your car for a quick preliminary check.

Where is a car battery located?

In most cars, the battery is fitted in the engine bay at the front of the car and to the side of the engine, either on the right or the left. In some cars, though, the battery is fitted in the boot for better weight distribution. On cars fitted with an engine in the middle or the rear of the car, like the Porsche 911 or Boxster, the battery may be found in the luggage compartment at the front of the car.

Usually, the battery will be a small black box-like component with wires sticking out from the top, which are the battery cables that feed the car’s electrical system. The cables are attached to the battery terminals, there is a positive and a negative electrical terminal, and the battery after all provides a direct electrical current.

Is the car battery under the bonnet?

According to Varta batteries in almost 60% of cases a car’s battery will be located under the bonnet or hood in the front of the car. However, many models such as some Toyota hybrids may have the battery located in the boot of the car (to help with weight distribution or temperature balance). In the case of the newer full electric cars, the battery is much larger and therefore is typically located at the bottom centre of the vehicle. Take a look at the owner’s manual which will illustrate the exact location of the battery for your make and model of car.

If you think you car battery is dead and not sure what to do this article may help, or seek help from a professional mechanic. Get a price for a battery replacement here.

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