Cooling System Inspection, Repair & Replacement Cost Guide

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Cooling System Inspection, Repair & Replacement Cost Guides

How much does a car cooling system repair cost?

Depending on what parts of the cooling system need to be replaced, you can expect a cooling system repair to cost anywhere from £80 to £500.

Sometimes it may be the case that you need a simple engine coolant/antifreeze top-up which can cost as little as £40. Carrying out a car radiator replacement on the other hand costs on average £200, with prices ranging from £150 to £350.

Average cost of a cooling system repair by location

LocationAverage Cost

There will be a difference in pricing for cooling system repair depending on the vehicle's make, model, and year. In addition to the part prices, the hourly labour charges vary throughout the UK, so the cost may also vary by location.

Average cost of a cooling system repair by manufacturer

Car MakeAverage Cost
Land Rover£292

How do you know if your cooling system needs to be repaired?

The cooling system of a vehicle has many elements to it including the radiator, thermostat, water pump, cooling fan, heater matrix, etc. If faulty, symptoms of each component will vary but keep an eye on these common signs that can suggest your cooling system needs a repair or replacement.


If you notice that the engine runs at a higher temperature than usual, there are leaks underneath the car (this is usually red, green or yellow fluid) or around the radiator, then it is likely that the radiator is faulty and will need to be replaced. It is critical to repair a leaking radiator as soon as possible, as a low level of engine coolant can lead to severe engine damage and overheating. Overheating can sometimes also suggest a problem with the thermostat.

Whining noise from the engine

Sometimes occurring in addition to the symptoms above, a whining noise coming from the front can be an indication that the water pump bearings or seals are failing. In any case, this will cause the engine to overheat and should be fixed to avoid engine damage.


The engine fails to get up to operating temperature causing increased fuel consumption and the heater output is poor. This would indicate that the thermostat is stuck open and requires replacement

Heater is malfunctioning

This could point towards a faulty thermostat or blocked heater matrix.

Frequently asked questions about cooling system repair cost

How much does it cost to fix a leak in your coolant system?

You can expect the cost of fixing a leak in the coolant system to range between £100-£500. The exact cost will depend on the timing (how early the leak is caught), the extent of damage, and the part causing the leak (leaky radiator, a leaky water pump, or a faulty thermostat).

Does a car's cooling system include the radiator?

Yes, a car's cooling system typically includes the radiator, radiator cap, thermostat, cooling fans, water pump, heater matrix, hoses and engine coolant. The water pump is at the heart of the cooling system as it circulates coolant throughout the engine to keep it at a consistent temperature thus preventing overheating.

Do I really need to change coolant?

Yes, you should change the engine coolant or antifreeze at least every 2-5 years depending on type Engine coolant is important because it helps prevent corrosion and maintain optimum engine temperature as it helps to dissipate the heat from your engine and prevents it from getting too hot and causing engine damage.