Flexible mechanic work at your fingertips

Exclusive access to 1000's of Jobs

Free to join & no monthly fees!

Great for both garages and mobile mechanics

Free to join

We're 100% free to join - you only pay commission on the work you choose and complete


We'll handle customer support, quoting, payment handling and more, while you fix the vehicles.

Massive trade discounts

Access trade discounts for every job, saving you £1000s on parts every year!

Earn up to £15k / mo

Maximise your revenue with the 1000s of jobs available through ClickMechanic.

Our free mechanic app sends you more work, manages your bookings and gives you instant access to parts with huge trade discounts.

How it works

  1. Receive

    We send details of local jobs in your area to your smartphone. All these jobs pay £35-70 per hour and are quoted using technical data. You'll receive a margin on the parts based on the trade prices.

  2. Decide

    You decide to either accept or decline the job. If you accept then you carry out the work and use your ClickMechanic app to view and manage the booking.

  3. Get Paid

    Once all the work is complete you invoice the customer through the app, which automatically collects payment from the customers bank account and deposits your earnings into your bank account within 5 working days.

Meet Simon

Simon is one of our favourite mechanics. Watch the video to see why he loves the ClickMechanic platform.

"Since I first started working with ClickMechanic, I've had much more work and less downtime. They bring customers and then follow the job all the way through, helping to communicate with the customer and resolve any questions. I'd definitely recommend ClickMechanic to other garages and mobile mechanics who want an easier way to find and manage customers."

Brian, Slough

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after sending my documents will it take before I complete the vetting process?
Once you have submitted your documents we need to review them and ensure they match our requirements. This will normally take up to one working day. Please ensure you have logged into your account and set up everything else required to put you live.
How quickly after completing the vetting process will I be able to accept bookings?
Instantly! You can accept your first booking after going live on our system.
What fees do ClickMechanic charge?
We do not charge any subscription fees and it's 100% free to join. We only charge a commission on the bookings you choose to accept and complete which covers payment processing, marketing, customer service and other costs incurred.
What qualifications and insurance do I need to join the network?
As a professional mechanic you shall need Motor Trade insurance, Public Liability insurance, vehicle maintenance qualifications (at least NVQ/C&G Level 2) and 5 years experience. If you don’t have some of these qualifications or insurance we can help you acquire them.
What if I have lost my qualifications?
You should be able to obtain copies from either the college or the governing body that awarded the qualification to you in the first instance.
I don’t have any formal training or qualifications, can I join?
We understand some mechanics may have worked in the industry for many years but may have no formal training or qualifications. We consider these applications on a case by case basis, so it is still worth applying.
I am a mobile mechanic, why do you require motor trade insurance?
To safeguard both mechanics and customers. Motor Trade insurance is designed to cover for any accidents while driving customer vehicles. Mechanics are expected to test drive the vehicle after repairs and as part of some inspections, hence the need for Motor Trade Insurance.
What is the minimum Public Liability cover that I need?
You will need at least a £1 million of public liability cover.
Do I need to be VAT registered to join ClickMechanic?
No, it’s not a requirement to join the network. However if you are VAT registered we will ask for your VAT number when setting up your account, which we will show on the VAT invoices we provide you for our commission.
What is the difference or benefits of being VAT registered vs not being VAT registered?
Businesses are legally required to become VAT registered once they hit a certain threshold of annual turnover (£85,000 per annum as of 2020/21 tax year). To provide the best possible experience to users, the amounts quoted by the system must be treated as VAT inclusive if you are VAT registered. If you are VAT registered you can claim back the VAT charged on our commission as well as on parts. If you are not VAT registered then you do not include VAT within the amount charged, but you also cannot reclaim VAT on your costs.
How do I get paid and how long do I wait until I get paid?
Payments you receive are processed through a third party secure payment platform. Payments from your account to your nominated bank account can take up to 7 working days, however this is reduced to 3 working days for mechanics processing multiple transactions through their account. Due to additional security checks your first payment may take up to 10 working days.
Who pays me, you (ClickMechanic) or the customer?
The customer pays you, but we help manage this process via our payment system.
How do you take your commission, do I have to send you the money?
Commission is charged automatically through our payment system so you don’t need to do a thing. We provide you with an invoice for our commission on your ClickMechanic dashboard.
How many bookings will I get if I join the network?
This is totally dependent on how far you are willing to travel (how big a travel radius you have), services you provide (ie: mobile/garage/both) and what jobs you take on (eg: service, brakes, clutches). However we’re confident you’ll get access to lots of jobs each week.
How do I receive a discount on parts?
During the onboarding process, mechanics will receive a welcome email which includes all the details about the extensive trade part discounts you will be able to receive through ClickMechanic and how to obtain them.
I have more questions. How do I contact you?
Email our mechanics sales support team at mechanics@clickmechanic.com in the first instance and they shall either call or email you back ASAP (within 24 hours at the latest).