Car Suspension Inspection, Repair & Replacement Cost Guide

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How Much Does a Suspension Repair or Replacement Cost?

Depending on what parts of the suspension system need to be replaced, you can expect a suspension repair or replacement to cost anywhere from £100 to £600.

Average cost of a suspension repair and replacement by location

LocationAverage Cost

Typically, you can expect to pay on average £200 for a new pair of rear shock absorbers. Front shock absorbers are slightly more expensive and cost on average £300 for replacement.
Coil springs are also replaced in pairs, the replacement cost for front coil springs is on average £250. The average cost of replacing rear coil springs (pair) is £175, ranging from £125 to £285. A ball joint replacement which is also part of the suspension costs between £60 to £150.

There will be a difference in pricing for suspension repair and replacement depending on the vehicle's make, model, and year. In addition to the part prices, the hourly labour charges vary throughout the UK, so the cost may also vary by location.

Average cost of a suspension repair and replacement by manufacturer

Car MakeAverage Cost
Land Rover£239

How do you know if your suspension needs to be repaired?

The suspension system of your vehicle ensures a smooth ride and keeps the tyres in contact with the road, which improves traction and braking. Additionally, the suspension system helps keep the car stable when cornering. If you notice any of these aspects change while driving, it’s a good idea to get it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. Some of the most common tell-tale signs of suspension issues include:

Unusual or bumpier rides

Worn-out shock absorbers or worn suspension components will likely result in a bumpier ride, an overall drop in ride quality along with reduced fuel economy. In some cases, you will also notice a rattling noise from the suspension.

Poor handling

Suspension problems can manifest themselves in poor handling, but poor handling could also be due to other factors such as incorrect tyre pressure, alignment issues, or worn-out shocks or coil spring. Either way, it’s recommended that you get the vehicle checked to diagnose the underlying issue and get it fixed to ensure safe driving.

Uneven tyre depth

Suspension issues can cause the tyres to wear unevenly because the tyres may not be sitting evenly on the ground. This can cause the tread to wear down unevenly or more on one side than the other.

Frequently asked questions about suspension repair cost

Can you drive with a broken suspension?

While you may still technically be able to drive with a faulty suspension system, it is very unsafe to do so. This is especially true in the case of a broken coil spring where the vehicle's handling will be severely restricted and can be dangerous in an emergency. Additionally, continuing to drive with broken suspension components can cause irreparable damage to other components which can cost a lot more than it would to just fix the suspension system in the first place.

What causes a broken suspension?

The most common reasons for a broken suspension are potholes, speed bumps, and curbstones. Sometimes, however, the suspension can be damaged by other factors, such as an accident or poor maintenance. Incorrectly inflated tyres can also lead to suspension problems in the long term.