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How Much Does Clutch and Transmission Repair Cost in the UK?

The clutch of a manual car is a crucial component that enables the driver to control power transfer from the engine to the transmission and facilitate gear changes. The transmission manages the distribution of power from the engine to the wheels. Over time, wear and tear can take a toll on both the clutch and transmission, leading to reduced performance, grinding noises, and in extreme cases even complete failure. A qualified mechanic will be able to diagnose and repair your clutch and transmission problem.

How much does it cost to replace clutch and transmission repairs cost?

The average cost of replacing clutch and transmission-related parts is around £400 with prices that can go up to £1000. Depending on the size of the engine and the type of transmission, i.e. semi-automatic or manual transmission, the price can vary hence the exact price of a clutch and transmission repairs depends largely on your car and the parts your car's manufacturer recommends. The labour costs of the local area will also be a factor in the final cost of replacing a clutch. Other costs to consider include gearbox oil and other small parts (if required) which may add between £20 – £80 to the final cost.

A clutch release repair is relatively inexpensive with prices ranging from £70 and £120. A clutch repair, for example, can be quite expensive and is also one of the more complicated and lengthy repairs on a vehicle with a manual transmission. Some minor transmission problems such as fixing a solenoid or replacing a sensor may cost in the range of £200-£500.

Average cost of Clutch And Transmission Inspection, Repair & Replacement by location

LocationAverage Cost

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Average cost of Clutch And Transmission Inspection, Repair & Replacement by manufacturer

Car MakeAverage Cost
Land Rover£718

Signs your clutch and transmission need to be repaired

Difficulty shifting gears

If the clutch is not working properly, it can be difficult to change gears. The clutch may not engage correctly, which can make it hard to shift into the next gear.

Rough shifting of gears

There is grinding or shaking when shifting gears when a clutch becomes faulty because the clutch is not engaging properly. This can be caused by several things, including a faulty clutch cable or hydraulic system, a problem with the clutch itself, or a problem with the transmission such as gear damage.

Unusual noises

Unusual noises coming from the transmission, such as whining, clunking, or grinding, can be signs of internal transmission problems.

Clutch/gear slippage

When the transmission shifts into a different gear on its own, is a clear sign of transmission trouble. If you experience the RPM increase but the actual acceleration or speed stays the same, then it could be a slipping clutch.

Frequently asked questions about clutch and transmission repair cost

Is a clutch expensive to replace?

Relatively speaking, a clutch repair is an expensive job compared to other parts of the vehicle. It is a complex repair and can take hours as it involves disassembling and reassembling several components of the drivetrain, including the transmission, driveshaft, clutch linkage, etc. to access and replace the clutch assembly.

Is a clutch or gearbox more expensive to replace?

Owing to the complexity of the repair and associated parts, clutch replacements are generally more expensive than most gearbox repairs. However, in some cases, transmission repairs can be quite lengthy adding to the labour costs. Ultimately, it will depend on the vehicle's make and model, the type of transmission and the specific parts that need to be replaced.

Can a clutch be repaired?

Clutches can be repaired depending on the type of damage, but it is often more expensive to repair a clutch than it is to replace it. Sometimes, you may just need to replace the clutch cable and not the whole part. A qualified mechanic can inspect and offer guidance accordingly.