Why Is My Electric Window Not Working?

Why is my electric window not working?

Your electric windows move up and down by way of a mechanism inside your door. Sometimes you may find it is not working. Sometimes it may just be a temporary problem, but often it means the window is broken.

Electric windows have a couple more parts that can go faulty in comparison to manual windows. They are therefore more prone to failure. Often it can simply be a case of the mechanism having seized and needing replacement. But sometimes it may be that the window motor which powers the mechanism is faulty. A fault in the electrical system might have been the cause of this. A minor part in the system like a blown fuse or faulty relay can cause the window to stop working.

Before getting anything replaced it is worth to check the electrical system of the car first. After inspecting the electrics, the mechanical parts should be checked. That way potential causes can be eliminated one step at a time. Checking first could save you a lot money as it may be that your window mechanism is not actually broken.

What Can I Do To Get A Broken Electric Window Fixed?

If you’re not sure what you need it’s best to just get help from a professional and get the things checked over. Rather than replacing a part and hoping for the best. A mechanic will be able to find the exact fault in the system, and pinpoint what part needs replacing during a window inspection.

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