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84 Reviews


1 Stop Car Centre

Nuneaton , 11 years of experience

“Bana was very knowledgeable and helpful. He managed to diagnose the faults to enable me to source replacement parts. Would highly recommend him!”

Audi S4 • Plug-in Diagnostic Inspection

“Yes thank you excellent service.”

Peugeot 206 • Alternator belt replacement

Wrench hand blue

21 Reviews


Al's Auto's

Midhurst , 10 years of experience

“Alan turned up at our holiday resort and fixed our car in 1 hour and we were able to get back on the road and home straight after
Highly recommended,and was efficient and work carried out well.”

Audi A6 • Alternator belt replacement

“Good Job”

Volkswagen Transporter T5 • Rear brake disc (both) replacement


264 Reviews


G.r. Autocare

Peterborough , 30 years of experience

“Gary was very helpful and communication was excellent.
More than happy with work carried out and thank goodness we had this report from someone as knowledgeable and thorough as Gary as we decided not to buy the car.”

Audi A3 • Pre-purchase Inspection

“Gary was delayed at his previous job, but kept me updated throughout. However, when he arrived he did a very thorough and professional job. He took me through everything he was doing and showed me the old parts. My car feels in a much better state now than before, so really happy and would definitely use ClickMechanic and Gary again.“

Nissan Micra • Front brake pads (all) replacement

Wrench hand blue

3 Reviews


Dee Bee Mot Ltd

London , 10 years of experience

“The original mechanic failed to turn up; however, ClickMechanic stepped in and on the same day my car was MOT'd. I would be happy to use their service again and recommend it to others.”

Audi TT • MOT with collection & delivery

“Good, efficient service. My initial appointment was cancelled at the last minute.

Ahmed stepped in and completed the process in good time.”

Mercedes-Benz C-Class • MOT with collection & delivery

Wrench hand blue

119 Reviews


“Excellent service and very professional I would highly recommend.”

Audi A3 • Diagnostic Inspection

“Excellent communication and explained everything to me in a comprehensive way for a layman to understand. Answered my numerous calls without ever showing any signs of frustration for my lack of knowledge, I would highly recommend Azhar to anyone for piece of mind and enlightenment, when buying a car.”

BMW X5 • Pre-purchase Inspection

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Want to learn more about Audi problems?

Read our short guide with information on the most popular models.

Audi – Common Issues

In the public eye Audi is well known for its well-built cars and reliability, repairs, though, have to be carried out sometimes on Audis as well. Apart from routine servicing to prevent damage to components, proper lubrication and sealing of components is also vital in Audis. Of course, despite preventative measures that can be taken there can be unexpected faults on the car due to design or manufacturing error, like with other brands known faults vary by model, and are repaired by Audi during recalls.


Whilst the Audi A1 is one of Audi's biggest selling cars, the DVSA in fact has not logged a recall for the model at this moment in time.


Reported problems on the Audi A2 were fairly limited, and indeed the only recall exclusively affecting the A2 was on some models fitted with aircon. It was found that during a crash the air conditioning components can sometimes get in touch with the starter motor as the components move, this could lead to a short circuit and ultimately a fire. [R/2001/003] Other problems that have appeared on the model also affected other Audi models, like the non-deployment of the driver airbag and the breaking of bolts on the tandem fuel pump due to a production fault [R/2002/143] [R/2004/213]


A real problem for the Audi A3's first series was a reported issue with irregular running of the engine, due to a camshaft adjustment valve loosening. It is likely that most cars have since had the correct repairs carried out, if in doubt contact Audi for an inspection. Over their lifespan, A3's were subject to a number of recalls by Audi, during which a replacement of problematic parts would have been carried out. Certain Audi A3s built in 2013 and 2014 had an issue with the fuel pump, which lead to Audi fitting new pumps in effected cars.

A number of Audi A3 models built between 2003 and 2005 were prone to suffer damage to the two mass flywheel, also known as a dual-mass flywheel due to a design flaw of a restrictor in the clutch pressure pipe. Audi noted to the DVSA that in some cases the issue could lead to a complete flywheel failure and in some cases even a fire. Of course Audi recalled the vehicles and carried out repairs where needed [Recall R/2006/031]


The Audi A4 was introduced back in 1994 as a continuation of the Audi 80 model. It is arguably Audi's most successful model, and to date no less then 5 iterations of the model have been brought to life. Despite its long history common faults are few and far between with only a limited number of recalls listed by the DVSA. One of the earliest reported issues on the A4 model was an issue with the driver airbag, which could deploy spontaneously when stationary due to build up of static electricity caused by weather. Affected cars were soon fitted with an earth cable on the steering wheel to ensure any static charge could disappear to earth. [R/1997/075] Another known problem with early A4 models found at the end of the 1990's was the occurrence of a loose brake pedal on some cars caused by a loose bolt. The fault meant that in some cases the pedal could drop to the floor, and not return to its idle position. Whilst a serious issue, it required only a simple fix; the tightening of the bolt. R/1998/106


The Audi A5 has been a recent addition to the traditional Audi line-up, it is available as a sleek coupe or saloon. Since its introduction in 2007 only a limited number of common faults have been identified. Chief among which was an issue leading to a reduction in braking performance, as engine oil on some models would enter the brake servo leading to a malfunction of the part with reduced braking assistance from the servo as a result. [R/2014/098 - Audi 47L8] More recently it was found some models could suffer from a leak in the injector rail, a recall campaign was started with injector rails and seals being replaced. [R/2015/031 - Audi 24AP]


The A6 was introduced shortly after it's younger brother the A4. As it will have made use of many of the same components as the A4 series, the A4 and A6 share some common faults. For example, the issue involving spontaneous deployment of the driver steering airbag also appeared on the A6 on selected models. [R/1997/075] On some A6s built at the end of the 1990s it was found that the steering ball joints (track rod bearing ends) would wear prematurely. This was caused by faulty seals that lead to a major recall in 1999. R/1999/072


Arguably Audi's most iconic model of the 1990s the TT set a new standard for minimalist design. Whilst proven technology was used underneath it's pretty skin, the TT did also not escape the occasional common fault which would also appear on other Audis using the same technology. Like some A3 models, some TTs would suffer from seized rear axle ball joints, over time it was established that water would enter the ball joint leading to corrosion on the parts. [R/2001/128] Exclusive to the TT was it's handling instability caused by small margins at high-speed directional changes. Audi early on established these problems could be resolved by modifications to the suspension and the addition of a small rear spoiler, making the car more neutral in terms of handling. [R/2000/008 - Audi 40E4]


Audi's biggest model was introduced in 2005. Despite its teutonic exterior a small number of common faults have been identified by the manufacturer. Audi found that on some cars the automatic power tailgate system could malfunction, when opening with the power function the tailgate would close again unexpectedly. Audi subsequently identified that replacing the tailgate motors could repair the problem. [R/2007/120 - Audi 55E4]

How expensive are Audi repairs?

Labour times and part prices vary for each model, but to give you an idea here are some examples.

Car Repair Franchise Dealer estimate Independent Garage estimate ClickMechanic ClickMechanic Saving
Car1999 Audi A4 RepairFront window winder mechanism / regulator replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£134 - £149 Independent Garage Est.£74 - £81 ClickMechanic Est.£73 - £81 Saving45%
Car2006 Audi A3 RepairFuel filter (diesel) replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£50 - £56 Independent Garage Est.£25 - £29 ClickMechanic Est.£24 - £29 Saving49%
Car2010 Audi A4 RepairAlternator Replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£479 - £551 Independent Garage Est.£361 - £417 ClickMechanic Est.£360 - £416 Saving24%
Car2003 Audi A3 RepairRear suspension lower arm bushes (both sides) replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£167 - £188 Independent Garage Est.£68 - £78 ClickMechanic Est.£67 - £77 Saving59%
Car2007 Audi A4 RepairClutch slave cylinder replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£197 - £217 Independent Garage Est.£98 - £109 ClickMechanic Est.£97 - £108 Saving50%

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