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49 Reviews



Birmingham, 18 years of experience

24th April 2017
“He turned up on time, the clutch is now working okay, He had a friendlly manner was easy to talk to and seemed to have very good knowledge. This was far cheaper than using a main dealer who always seem to overcharge.”


Peugeot 107 • Clutch replacement

29th May 2015
“came when due and started the job straight away. completed job ran car and checked every thing was ok. very pleasent person and knowledgable”


Citroen Xsara Picasso • Camshaft drive belt and Water pump replacement


36 Reviews


Advanced Auto Repairs

Charfield, 7 years of experience

23rd April 2017
“Ash was very good, and I was very happy with the work he did to identify the problem.”


Peugeot 207 • Car Won't Start Inspection

13th April 2015
“Very pleased again with the service! Michael is a very good mechanic, an asset to your company! I would use the service again and Michael comes very highly recommended! Thanks again!”


Vauxhall/Opel Corsa-B • Oil sump pan replacement


2 Reviews


Renato Caetano

Southampton, 15 years of experience

17th April 2017
“Renato did a great job, very helpful and great advice. Would certainly use him and ClickMechanic service again!!! ”


Peugeot 807 • Full Service

15th April 2017
“Renato was great. Really quick efficient and no fuss. Pretty much had the job done before I'd managed to make him a cup of coffee!”


Volvo V70 • Auxiliary drive belt replacement

Wrench hand blue

114 Reviews


16th April 2017
“Azhar provided a good service, very pleased”


Peugeot RCZ • Pre-purchase Inspection

9th January 2017
“Azhar was a really welcoming and knowledgeable mechanic. We are very pleased with his work and would highly recommend him to others”


Nissan Juke • Front brake pads (all) replacement


194 Reviews


Matts Mobile Mechanics

Monmouthshire, 18 years of experience

23rd April 2017
“Mathew was very friendly, came on time. I would definitely recommend him”


Peugeot 207 • Clutch replacement

18th February 2016
“Matt turned up on time, was efficient and prices reasonable. Did a great job with a service, getting an MOT and fitting a new exhaust. So convenient, got everything done with minimum of fuss.”


Mini Mini • Service - Major

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  • 4007
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Want to learn more about Peugeot problems?

Read our short guide with information on the most popular models.

Common Peugeot Faults

One of France's iconic brands Peugeot has been known to make cars with straight-forward engineering that is easy to fix for reasonable prices. With aftermarket parts for repairs widely available most Peugeots are cost-effective to run.

Sometimes Pergeot's issues stem from wearing of the part. Longevity of parts can be increased by proper maintenance, as such it's always important to follow the stipulations made in Peugeot's terms of servicing. It will tell you when parts need lubricating or when serviceable parts need replacing to prevent them from failing. Mileage intervals for parts replacements (i.e. timing belt replacements) will be stated in your service guide.

That said, Peugeot can't escape an occasional recall, in 2011 a number of 207 models were recalled as it was found the engine may cut out due to a battery earth cable being too short, which would fail at its gearbox mounting point. It was easily fixed though; a battery cable replacement was fitted.


The Peugeot 106 was the company's little hatchback introduced in the early 1990s. On some models built in 1996 it was found that the wiring harness leading to the ignition switch could wear due to consistent contact with the steering column's coupling. Ultimately the wires could malfunction and the system could short circuit. Peugeot resolved the problem simply by repositioning the wiring harness. [R/1997/041] A further recall was launched in 2001 when Peugeot noticed that on some cars the brake pedal's relay lever could break due to a part issue. Ultimately of course it could lead to reduced breaking capability so Peugeot was quick to fit a 'quality assured' brake pedal relay lever. [R/2001/029]


The 107 followed the 106 in a long line of cool superminis from the French manufacturer. Recalls for the 107 appear to be limited, according to the DVSA, but in 2010 a major recall was launched regarding an issue with the accelerator pedal in some cars. Under a specific combination of circumstances the pedal could become harder to push, or indeed slower to return to its original position, and in some cases would remain partially depressed. The affected cars were of course recalled and fitted with modifications to ensure the pedal would continue to operate as intended. [R/2010/013] Later on it was found that in some 107s the rod inside the shock absorbers could break due to an internal issue, potentially leading to the car becoming uncontrollable. Affected cars built between September and November 2013 were fitted with a new shock absorber to ensure the problem was fixed. [R/2014/174 / Peugeot Ref. ZVE]


Peugeot's 307 model was built throughout the 2000s and the small family car was one of it's most popular models. The EGR valve is a component that re-circulates dirty exhausts gases back into the engine, and in some models built between November 2001 and October 2003, the 307's EGR valve support bracket was at risk of breaking. In some cases this led to the engine cutting out, resulting in affected vehicles being fitted with a new bracket. [R/2004/047]


Peugeot Bippers manufactured during a very short window in May 2010 were found to be prone to an engine failure due to an error in the manufacturing of the engine's crankshaft. Unsurprisingly Peugeot was quick to resolve the issue by fitting the cars with new engines. [R/2010/186 / Peugeot Ref. YXQ] Other models built between 2008-2010 suffered from an issue with the gear selection due to the electrical issues in the gearbox control harness brought on by wear of components surrounding the gearbox. Affected cars were recalled for inspection and modifications were carried out. [R/2013/107]


The Peugeot 807 was the company's large saloon, in 2003 an issue was found with the airbag ECU where water could enter the unit due to insufficient sealing. Worst case scenario; the airbag would erroneously deploy. Peugeot found a simple fix in sealing the unit. [R/2003/123 / Peugeot XZW]


The Peugeot 308 was introduced in the later 2000s as the company's new mid-size hatchback. On models built not long after their introduction between May 2008 and November 2011 it was found that a short circuit might occur where the fuel filter impact shield touches the alternator during impact. If needed the shield was checked and repositioned during a 2009 recall. [R/2009/033 / Peugeot YRK]


The Peugeot 3008 is the company's crossover MPV model. As with some of Peugeot's other models built between October 2009 and July 2010 a fuel leak may appear on cars fitted with the 2.0 HDI engine at the fuel return pipe. It could chafe against the fuel filter's support and eventually wear through. Peugeot's solution was to suggest added protection for the pipe. [R/2011/017 / Peugeot YYW]


Recalls for Peugeot's sleek RCZ Coupe model remain limited, going by recalls listed on the DVSA. For example, a number of cars built between the end of 2009 and the end of March 2010 it was found that the front flexi brake hoses could wear and eventually leak brake fluid, causing reduced braking capability. The cause of the problem was found to be hose rubbing against other components; Peugeot offered a logical solution by replacing the affected brake hoses with new hoses. [R/2010/064 / YVS]


Recalls for Peugeot's innovative 1007 (complete with sliding doors) stayed at a minimum going by DVSA figures. Though, the 1007 shared a problem with the Peugeot 307 in that it was found the brakes could be affected by a faulty pedal return bar in the pedal box on RHD cars. As potentially problematic situations could ensue like failing brakes, cars with the problem were fitted with a new bar. [R/2005/175]


The Peugeot 306 was the company's small family hatchback for most of the 1990s. Due to its long manufacturing period there have been a number of recalls during the time. One of the issues found on some earlier cars was the wiring harness in the engine bay could be faulty and could lead to an electrical failure and potentially a fire. As only a specific batch of wiring harnesses were affected Peugeot offered to inspect the cars during a recall and repaired where necessary. [R/1996/069] In October 2000 it was discovered the front stub axles in some 306s could wear excessively due to a production fault. In some extreme cases it would mean the whole suspension would collapse, as the ball joints would come loose. Peugeot resolved the problem by fitting new stub axles where needed. [R/2000/098 / Peugeot XRV]


The Peugeot 206 succeeded the 205 as one of the company's biggest sellers, so it's no surprise that the occasional recall would occur. In some scenarios, early models suffered from corrosion to the fuel filter housing, which could lead to fuel leaking from the unit. As there was a risk of fire, Peugeot called back affected cars to fit them with a plastic fuel filter to solve the issue and ensure the corrosion could not return. [R/2000/099 / Ref. XPN]

How expensive are Peugeot repairs?

Labour times and part prices vary for each model, but to give you an idea here are some examples.

Car Repair Franchise Dealer estimate Independent Garage estimate ClickMechanic ClickMechanic Saving
Car2008 Peugeot 107 RepairFront anti-roll bar bushes (all) replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£215 - £241 Independent Garage Est.£112 - £134 ClickMechanic Est.£110 - £132 Saving46%
Car2007 Peugeot 308 RepairCylinder head gasket replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£941 - £1040 Independent Garage Est.£521 - £576 ClickMechanic Est.£515 - £569 Saving45%
Car2007 Peugeot 308 RepairRear road spring replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£139 - £153 Independent Garage Est.£90 - £99 ClickMechanic Est.£89 - £98 Saving35%
Car2004 Peugeot 807 RepairStarter motor replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£208 - £394 Independent Garage Est.£140 - £295 ClickMechanic Est.£139 - £294 Saving28%
Car1999 Peugeot 306 RepairFront wiper motor replacement Franchise Dealer Est.£157 - £174 Independent Garage Est.£116 - £129 ClickMechanic Est.£116 - £128 Saving26%

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