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1 Reviews


Almot Tyres

Birmingham , 10 years of experience

“Good service over and above expectation- would use again.”

Ford Fiesta • Front wheel bearing (one) replacement


249 Reviews


Motors Express

Dartford , 19 years of experience

“Really happy with how simple and convenient the whole process was. The mechanic was on time and friendly and finished the job in the time specified. Completely stress free! All fixed....very impressed! .”

Audi Q5 • Front wheel bearing (one) replacement

“Very good and friendly.
They were clean and efficient and reported back within the hour.
Just what you need when buying a vehicle.”

Renault Trafic • Pre-purchase Inspection


48 Reviews


R And B Autos

Coatbridge , 7 years of experience

“The mechanic was very efficient, friendly and professional. Thanks... :)

BMW 3 Series • Front wheel bearing (one) replacement

“Bob had some transport issues outwith his control otherwise this would be a 5 star review. He carried out the work efficiently and discussed the areas where I could run into issues later on and gave a sensible preventative maintenance plan to keep the car running reliably.”

Seat Arosa • Interim Service


482 Reviews


“Gareth arrived on time, cracked on and got the job done. ”

Peugeot 206 • Rear wheel bearing (one) replacement

“Very friendly and professional came on time check my car throughly and gave apporiat advice highly recommended ”

Honda Civic • Suspension Noise Inspection


39 Reviews


“Excellent service, car collected and returned, work completed all working great! ”

Hyundai Santa Fe • Front wheel bearing (one) replacement

“Sam was a great guy and happy with the work he does. Which means he does the job right!!

100% recommend ”

Vauxhall/Opel Astra-J • Front brake pads (all) replacement

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Want to learn more about Wheel Bearing replacements?

Read our short guide with information on costs, symptoms and more.

What does a Wheel Bearing do?

A wheel bearing enables the wheel (and with it the wheel hub) to rotate smoothly on a wheels' upright by reducing the friction between the moving and non-moving parts of the wheel hub. The bearings are usually made up out of roll or ball bearings in which the outer part of the wheel hub can turn. Each wheel is fitted with a set of bearings, most cars have two sets of bearings, one for the inner part of the wheel hub and one for the outer part.

How do you know there is something wrong with a Wheel Bearing?

  • When the car vibrates whilst driving.
  • When a wheel does not move (bearing has seized).
  • When there is a thudding or clunking noise coming from underneath the car.
  • When there is a squeaking noise coming from underneath the car.

When should you consider a Wheel Bearing replacement?

Over time the bearings can wear, usually, the bearings wear due to inadequate lubrication. In severe cases, it might be that a bearing fails completely. The result is generally a squeaking or grinding noise coming from one of the car's wheels.

Bearings are either sealed or unsealed. Unsealed bearings can be regreased and reused (if not damaged), sealed bearings on the other hand cannot be reused but can only be discarded and replaced if worn out.

Addressing issues with the wheel bearings timely and professionally is key to prevent further, more expensive, damage. It is therefore also recommendable not to drive the car when noticing a shudder through the steering wheel or if you feel the wheels shaking.

Should you experience problems with the bearings then it is advisable that you have them inspected as soon as possible and, if necessary, have the bearings replaced. Always remember to service the bearings as and when stipulated in the guidelines set out by your car's manufacturer.

What happens during a Wheel Bearing replacement?

* The mechanic will jack the car safely.
* The mechanic will inspect the wheel with the faulty bearing.
* If necessary, the mechanic will replace the faulty bearing.
* The mechanic will refit the bearing and wheel.
* The mechanic will torque the wheel to the pressure stipulated by the manufacturer.
* The mechanic will advise if other components need to be replaced.
* The mechanic will test drive the car.
* If necessary, the mechanic will make adjustments.

How much does a Wheel Bearing Replacement cost?

The cost of a wheel bearing replacement depends on your car and what parts your car's manufacturer recommends using for the replacement. Find out what you could save by having your wheel bearing replaced by ClickMechanic, by selecting your car at the top of this page!

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