8 Alternative Pixar Cars

27 June 2017

We wanted to know would happen if these our favourite Pixar characters were brought to life as vehicles in the Cars movie franchise. So, what kind of cars would they be?

We’ve designed each character as the perfect car that matches their unique personality and appearance.

1. Woody (Ford F100)

Our beloved friend Woody is loyal, reliable and comes from a time long ago. What else could he be but a classic Ford F100, America’s favourite pickup truck? This sturdy blast from the past was the bestselling vehicle in the USA for more than two decades, only to be later replaced by more modern vehicles.

2. Buzz Lightyear (Infinity Q30)

He is Buzz Lightyear, our favourite space ranger. Known for his bravery, courage and cutting edge technology, this new toy on the block would have to the Q30. With its soft suspension and refined cabin, it’s the perfect long-distance cruiser to take you to infinity and beyond.

3. Mr Incredible (Land Rover Discovery LR4)

Mr Incredible -- tall, muscular and with superhuman strength, speed and durability -- is our classic superhero. He’d have to be one of the world's most capable and versatile SUVs, designed for people who relish an active lifestyle.

4.Heimlich (Bi-Articulated Bus)

This greedy green caterpillar dreams of being a beautiful butterfly, but for now he’ll have to be content with being reimagined as a bendy bus. Designed to cram in more passengers, we think Heimlich would very much enjoy being full to capacity.

5. Dory (Plymouth Prowler)

Our favourite forgetful fish has a heart of gold. This aquatic good Samaritan would love to chat with you all day and tell you her life story; but she can't, which is why she would have to be a Plymouth Prowler. Lacking power in key areas, the Prowler was adventurous yet flawed.

6. Carl Frederickson (Ford Super Deluxe)

Helium balloon expert Carl Frederickson is cranky, stubborn and old. What else could he be but a Ford Super Deluxe, with its classic convertible design and bold features. With the roof up it’s functional and classy, but fold the top down and you’re ready to soar through the skies all the way to Paradise Falls.

7. Edna Mode (Fiat 500)

Chic fashion designer Edna Mode would have to be the fun and funky Fiat 500. Harking back to the iconic post-war microcar with its dinky dimensions, this vehicle is as much of a fashion accessory as it is a mode of transport. Perfect dahling!

8. Wall-E (Google Self-Driving Car)

Wall-E is everyone’s favourite curious collector. He has a mind of his own, just like the Google Self-Driving Car, as he lonesomely collects trash. Will we be seeing this easily distracted car on the roads sometime in the not so distant future? Only time will tell.

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