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Clutch and Transmission inspection, repair & replacement

The clutch system is a mechanical system in an internal combustion engine (ICE) car with a manual or semi-automatic transmission. Made up of two main parts, the clutch plate and the flywheel, the clutch is connected to the engine shaft and the shaft that turns the wheels.

A driver can shift gears or come to a stop by pressing the clutch pedal, allowing the engine to be disengaged from the transmission. After the clutch pedal is released, the clutch re-engages, transferring power to the wheels and allowing the vehicle to move.

Simply put, the clutch is a mechanism to connect and disconnect the flow of power to the transmission without stalling the engine. Consisting of a disc, pressure plate, flywheel and bearing, the clutch system is susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Car transmission or the vehicle’s gearbox is the system of 5 to 6 gear sets and other components that transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This is done by providing the right amount of torque and speed control to the wheels so that the car can move at the required speed.

Modern cars are fitted with either of the two main types of car transmissions: manual or automatic. In a manual transmission, the driver uses a clutch pedal and a gear shift to manually select the appropriate gear for the speed required - thus having more control over the vehicle. As opposed to a manual transmission, an automatic transmission system with the help of the vehicle CPU automatically chooses the right gear ratio for the vehicle based on its speed and driving conditions.

Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) or “shiftless” gearbox is where the automatic transmission system uses a belt or chain and two pulleys instead of gears to continuously vary the gear ratio. Cars with CVT transmissions usually have better fuel efficiency when compared to automatic transmissions.

Semi-automatic cars, on the other hand, allow the driver to manually shift gears without using a clutch pedal. This system takes advantage of both the basics of a manual and automatic transmission. Instead of the clutch pedal, the vehicle’s CPU and other sensors operate the clutch when the gear is manually changed by the driver.

Clutch and Transmission services we offer

Gear Linkage replacement

Typically made up of a series of cables, rods and linkages, the gearbox linkage connects the gear lever to the transmission. Gear linkage replacement involves removing and replacing these components to ensure smooth operation and shifting of gears.

Gearbox Oil change

Gearbox oil is a specialised fluid used in manual transmission which provides the necessary lubrication for the internal components of the transmission. A gearbox oil change involves completely draining out the old oil and replacing it with manufacturer-recommended fresh oil.

Clutch replacement

During a clutch replacement, the mechanic will remove the transmission and then remove the existing clutch assembly including components such as the clutch disc and flywheel, if needed. Clutch fluid is also changed during this process. The new clutch kit is then installed and properly adjusted to ensure it is well-aligned.

Clutch Slave Cylinder replacement

A clutch slave cylinder comes in two types: internal (concentric, inside the bell housing) or external. Replacing it means removing the old part and installing a new one for external cylinders, while for concentric ones, the transmission needs removal. If it's concentric, the clutch assembly must be replaced for a reliable repair.

Flywheel replacement

Flywheel replacement involves swapping out the clutch system's flywheel, which stores and provides rotational energy. A dual-mass flywheel also dampens vibrations when working correctly. The flywheel enables the engine to spin freely when the clutch pedal is pressed and transfers power to the transmission when released.

Transmission Fluid change

Transmission fluid is specially designed to be used in automatic transmissions. Also known as ATF, it is essential for the smooth functioning of an automatic transmission system. Transmission fluid change involves the removal of the oil fluid and replacing it with the right type and grade of fluid.

Clutch Fluid change

Clutch fluid or brake fluid change or replacement involves the flushing out of the old clutch fluid by opening the bleeder valve of the clutch master or slave cylinder. The mechanic will refill the reservoir with manufacturer-recommended hydraulic clutch fluid (DOT-3 or DOT-4 fluid).

Clutch Master Cylinder replacement

The clutch master cylinder can develop leaks which can disrupt the proper operation of the clutch. A clutch master cylinder replacement is the process of removing and installing this component that helps to engage and disengage the clutch.

Some of the Clutch and Transmission jobs we offer

  • Automatic transmission fluid drain & refill
  • Bleed hydraulic clutch release system
  • Clutch cable adjustment
  • Clutch cable replacement
  • Clutch master cylinder replacement
  • Clutch pedal return spring replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Clutch replacement (semi-automatic)
  • Clutch slave cylinder replacement
  • Flywheel replacement
  • Gear Selector And Transmission Inspection
  • Gear linkage replacement
  • Manual gearbox oil drain & refill
  • Propshaft central universal joint replacement
  • Propshaft centre bearing mount replacement
  • Propshaft centre bearing replacement
  • Propshaft replacement - front/single
  • Propshaft replacement - rear
  • Transfer box fluid drain & refill
  • Transfer box oil seal replacement - output

Frequently asked questions about clutch and transmission inspection, repair & replacements

Read our answers to questions about clutch and transmission inspection, repair & replacement costs, symptoms and more.

What is a car transmission?

Simply put, a car transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It is made up of a series of gears and shafts that increase or decrease the amount of power that is sent to the wheels. Automatic and manual Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid cars both have a transmission.

Does insurance cover transmission repair?

Whether transmission repair is covered under insurance will depend on the policy and the insurance provider. Many insurance companies will cover transmission repairs if the repairs required are the result of an accident.

Is transmission covered under warranty?

Yes, in most cases the transmission is covered as part of the powertrain section of the manufacturer warranty, usually for 5 years or specific amount of miles, whichever comes first. Details of warranty coverage for transmission issues will ultimately depend on the terms of the individual manufacturer warranty. Each manufacturer will set different terms and conditions so it is important to check your warranty documents to see how you're covered.

What is the difference between engine oil and transmission fluid?

Engine oil and transmission fluid serve different purposes in a car. Engine oil is a lubricant that helps to protect the engine from wear and tear and regulates the engine's overall performance. Transmission fluid is a lubricant that helps keep the gears in the transmission running smoothly. Engine oil is usually golden or yellow in colour whereas new transmission fluid is typically red.

What happens if I put engine oil into my transmission?

If you put engine oil into your transmission, it will likely cause significant damage to your transmission and engine and can lead to expensive repairs. If you find yourself using the wrong fluid, seek help from a professional mechanic who may be able to conduct a fluid flush and prevent any damage.

What is transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used to lubricate and cool the moving parts inside a car's transmission. It helps in making sure the transmission can shift gars smoothly.

Does changing transmission fluid help shifting?

A transmission fluid flush can often help in aiding the transmission maintenance process as it would help flush out any debris and gunk. When refilling with new transmission fluid it's then less likely that the new fluid gets contaminated by old dirty fluid. This in turn can assist in helping the transmission shift gears more smoothly.

Can you repair an automatic transmission?

Yes, it is possible to repair an automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions are more complex than manual transmission which sometimes make it tricky to carry out repairs as such. Hence it will often be recommended to get the unit rebuild or get an already reconditioned unit to fit. The latter is often the more cost-effective option.

How much does a Car Transmission inspection, repair & replacement cost?

You can expect a car transmission inspection to cost around £80 depending on the location of the car. Depending on what repairs or replacements are needed after the car ignition inspection is carried out, the additional cost will differ in each case. To get an exact price for a specific transmission repair (like an transmission fluid filter replacement), enter your vehicle registration number along with your postcode above to get an instant price.

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