Booking Policies

These policies form part of the Agreement (as specified in the Terms & Conditions) between you and ClickMechanic Ltd, in particular relating to Bookings.

Contracted Parties

A Booking represents a contract between you and the Mechanic. By using the Website to request the services of a Mechanic, you authorise ClickMechanic to enable the Mechanic to collect payments relating to the Booking via any payment methods you provide to us, including for any discretionary charges stated in this Agreement. You accept that ClickMechanic bears no liability for any services performed as part of a Booking, or for any warranties or assurances given.


Upon requesting a mechanic you undertake that you will, subject to the subsequent acceptance of the request by the Mechanic, undertake to following obligations:

  • Ensure that the specified vehicle is at or near to the address specified in the Booking details, at the agreed time.
  • Provide the Mechanic with access to the vehicle for as long as is necessary to perform the service.
  • Ensure that your card details are valid and money is available to pay the mechanic immediately for the entire Booking value upon completion.
  • Make any information available that may affect the ability of the mechanic to complete the agreed services.
  • Respond to communications in a timely manner.

Minimum Labour Charge

When the Mechanic has provided any services (including repairs, maintenance, diagnostics and supply of parts) a Booking will be subject to a "Minimum Labour Charge" equivalent to 0.9 hours of labour. This labour shall be charged at the standard rate for the location and vehicle model of the Booking, and will be between £27.23 and £67.69. The Minimum Labour Charge may only be reduced or waived with the mutual consent of both the Mechanic and ClickMechanic.

Any invoiced amounts for goods or services other than labour provided by the Mechanic will not count towards this minimum. This includes, but is not limited to, amounts relating to: parts fitted to the specified vehicle, re-stocking fees for parts to be returned to the Mechanic's supplier(s), towing and transportation costs, and disposable items used by the Mechanic in the course of providing the services requested.

Extra Charges

These charges represent the amounts and circumstances under which extra charges may be incurred, as detailed under the “Rescheduling”, “Cancellation” and “Alterations” sections.

Late Cancellation, Late Rescheduling – Up to £20 for cancelling/rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details.

Extra-Late Cancellation, Extra-Late Rescheduling – Up to £40 for cancelling/rescheduling after a Mechanic has started travelling to the location specified in the Booking details.

In-Progress Cancellation – When a Booking is cancelled after a Mechanic has started Work upon the specified Vehicle, you will be charged for any labour costs already incurred and parts already fitted, in addition to any labour costs incurred in restoring the Vehicle to its original state (if requested), and subject to our Minimum Labour Charge.


You agree that all quotations given by ClickMechanic shall be treated as estimates, and that the total cost of the Booking may differ from the quotation shown when submitting a request through the Website.

You accept that any prices given by ClickMechanic are based on a vehicle in good condition and under normal circumstances and that you may be charged for extra costs arising from any unexpected circumstances or the condition of the vehicle.

Additional Work

In the course of fulfilling the Booking, the Mechanic may suggest additional diagnostics, repairs or maintenance be carried out, and may provide an estimate for the additional cost of carrying out all or part of these additional services. By accepting this estimate you grant permission for the Booking to be amended to reflect this additional work and for payment to be collected for this work in the same manner as previously agreed.

Problem Diagnosis

Where you have requested for a problem to be diagnosed (a “Diagnostic Inspection”), you accept that a diagnosis may not always be possible within the duration specified in the Booking. In this case the Mechanic undertakes to report to you the outcomes of any checks performed, and advise you on the next steps. The Mechanic must obtain permission before incurring any additional, chargeable costs.

When the fault is diagnosed as a small repair which can be fixed without parts and within the labour time of the diagnostic, the Mechanic will carry out this repair at no extra cost.


Subject to the agreement of any Mechanic assigned to the Booking, you may reschedule a Booking to another time and/or date. This may be done without charge when giving a minimum of 24 hours notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details. When less than 24 hours notice is given, we reserve the right to make Late Rescheduling and Extra-Late Rescheduling charges (as specified under “Extra Charges”) on behalf of a Mechanic at our sole discretion.


You have the right to cancel a Booking without charge when giving a minimum of 24 hours notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details. When less than 24 hours notice is given, we reserve the right to make Late Cancellation, Extra-Late Cancellation and In-Progress Cancellation charges (as specified under “Extra Charges”) on behalf of a Mechanic at our sole discretion.

Forced Cancellations

If after arriving on site, having made reasonable efforts that would not incur further chargeable costs, the Mechanic is unable to carry out any services for reasons beyonds his control, then the Booking will be cancelled and we reserve the right to make Extra-Late Cancellation or In-Progress Cancellation charges (as specified under “Extra Charges”). Possible reasons include, but are not limited to: your failure to meet your obligations under this Agrement; the requested services are not suitable for the vehicle; you have provided incorrect information that affects the labour or parts required.

Misdiagnosis of Problem

After arriving on site the Mechanic may express an opinion to you that the requested services may not lead to your intended outcome (a "Misdiagnosis"), and may suggest alternate services such as further repairs or diagnosis. In this circumstance you may choose to either:

  • Instruct the Mechanic to continue carrying out the requested services unaltered, or
  • Accept the Mechanic's suggestion to alter the Booking, on the understanding that if the Mechanic is unable to carry out any services as a result of this alteration, you will be liable for an Extra-Late Rescheduling Charge, or
  • Instruct the Mechanic to cancel the booking without carrying out any services, in which case the ordinary cancellation policies apply (see "Cancellation").


At our sole discretion, we may allow you to add, remove, or otherwise alter the details of a Booking without charge. ClickMechanic reserves the right to decline your requested alterations, with the Booking details and terms remaining unaffected.

Observation of Work

Please be aware that you enter the work area at your own risk. You should always maintain a safe distance when observing the work and follow any instructions given by the mechanic. You accept that you are not covered by your mechanic's liability insurance to be in the vicinity of a car being worked on, and as such are not insured against any personal injury or damage that may result from being there.