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Gavin B
I started my working career at ATS in 1994 where I spent 10 years becoming an mot tester and assistant manager when I got made redundant. I then spent 5 years at a fiat main dealer where I became a master tech, when yet again I got made redundant. so I decided to have a go on my own in 2011 I started up as a mobile mechanic. I now have a garage with a mot station plus two other ramps.
22nd December 2021
BMW X3 EGR valve replacement

I had a booking with G&S autos for an Erg valve replacement on my X3 via click mechanics which is an online service. I like supporting smaller businesses in general so i went ahead as the price was good in comparison to other garages. the problem had been diagnosed by another garage (formula one autos Lichfield) and i needed a replacement valve. i turned up dropped the car off and the work was completed. On the way home the car went back into limp mode and i rang the garage to get him to have a look at it the following morning. i popped the bonnet when i got home and i noticied some of the pipes around the egr valve had been taped up with gaffa tape and damaged! ( i took a picture prior to the work been carried out and no tape was visible with the old valve in the picture) there was even a leak coming from the pipe of water i believe it was or some kind of residue. i confronted the owner who completed the work on the car in person, he seemed very rude, dismissive and clearly lying about the situation and said they were already taped up! i called him out on his bs and he maintained that they were already taped up and i was lying essentially.when you go to a garage u trust the mechanic with the work as i always have, how on earth can i trust a guy with shoddy work who lies about stuff when i have the proof in a picture. if he admitted to me he was in the wrong fair enough i would of respected him and let him fix it. he replaced the pipe which was damaged in the end. he then ran the plug in fault code reader and the egr valve flagged up again. i do accept he changed the valve because he showed me the old part and i saw the new one. but how can i trust the valve was even installed correctly when he was caught out lying about taping some pipes up without any consideration towards me. Im not a mechanic myself but surely its common practice after a part is installed to rev the engine see if it goes back into limp mode and retest the faults, and let me know before i pick it up. a horrible experience really i wouldnt recommend this garage to anyone as hes not a trustworthy mechanic. Read more