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I began my career in Romania where I gained my qualifications and worked with Volkswagen for 7 years. I also worked in Spain for 10 years
with Ford. In 2016 I came to the UK in 2016 as a contractor trading as Lau Lupescu Services Ltd working with prestigious names such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, LandRover, Rolls Royce & McLaren. I also carry out mobile repairs for private customers in my 'off' time, I work on all makes/models and can tackle pretty much any repair with the experience I have had over the years.
20th May 2019
Renault Grand Scenic Brake discs and pads replacement - rear (both)
Brake discs and pads replacement - front (both)

Lupescu was very quick to pick up the parts and collect car as suited me. Worked the weekend to get me back on the road. Very friendly no problems at all.

19th May 2019
Mazda Mazda2 Clutch replacement

Was your mechanic friendly and knowledgable? Are you happy with the work they carried out?
Mechanic - Lupescu
Job - Change Clutch
The situation and why I tried ClickMechanic - the problem we had with the Mazda2 TS2 Reg HJ59TYT - My wife was driving the car and it broke down about 10 miles from home as she could not select any gears. We had the car towed home and left on the drive at home.
I thought and was advised it was probably the clutch as the problem occurred a week before when I got caught in a traffic jam and was constantly stopping and starting. I had to move off in 2nd gear couldn’t get into first gear.

The problem went away when I got out of the traffic jam.

I phoned Mazda and another two garages for a quote and was surprised at the amount being asked, and could not get a booking for 2 weeks, so, to save time and money, I looked on the internet and found your company who quoted about £200 less.
Your reviews were encouraging so I booked the job with your company, Booking ref 3686882 for Wednesday 15 May 2019, 08:00-10:00. Lupescu (LAUR LUPESCU SERVICES LTD) was the Mechanic that accepted the job on your behalf.

Lupesco arrived over an hour late and explained that he had to get the clutch parts from Portsmouth, where he lives.
He showed me the new clutch parts and the invoice from Europarts and said they were the genuine parts for the car.
I explained the problem we had and he opened the bonnet and looked into the engine compartment. He spent some time explaining to me that the problem was probably not just the clutch and pointed out that the slave cylinder looked as though it needed replacing and it could be the master cylinder that was the problem.
Lupesco took the Mazda for a short drive to check it was the clutch and said it was slipping.
After about 1/2 hour talking to me about what the problem could be he said it would be better to get the car onto a ramp to inspect it further. He said he could change the clutch in the afternoon and bring the car back in the afternoon of the next day, which he did.
I agreed and said I wanted the car to be safe to drive without the prospect of breaking down again.
Lupesco then loaded all his tools from his van into the back of my Mazda and drove off to Portsmouth.
He left his van on our drive while he was gone.
I wondered after he had gone, how he could be sure the car was drivable to Portsmouth with the problem we had been experiencing.
Lupesco brought the Mazda back late afternoon and took me for a short drive showing me how the clutch was no longer slipping by accelerating and decelerating. He explained that there was still a small problem selecting the gears and I needed to pump the clutch pedal to select the gears but this should not be a problem for me.
I accepted the job was complete without test driving it on my own before I Lupesco drove off.
The next day, I went to drive the Mazda and had trouble engaging reverse and getting out of reverse when getting the car off my drive. I persevered and managed to drive the car on a couple of short journeys.
I would not let my wife drive the car in this state, which has the same gear selection problems that we called you out to resolve and wonder if the clutch was in fact changed as I have seen no evidence of that happening.
I am very disappointed in the result and am now having to go to Mazda to get the car looked at.
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Reply from Lupescu:

I been sent to change the clutch but I advice the costumer for the future problem regarding pump clutch

18th May 2019
Vauxhall Astravan Timing belt/chain replacement

He was a really nice fellas and definitely knows his stuff under the bonnet ect very clean and tidy and was very happy with his work he done a great job thankyou Lupescu A1 *****

Reply from Lupescu:

You welcome any time anywere