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Somerset Vehicle Services (SVS) , Somerset | ClickMechanic

Paul E
18th August 2021
BMW 3 Series Clutch replacement

Heidi was informative and very helpful from SVS Ashcott.

Whilst there was no concerns over the workshop or the repair to my vehicle, clutch and flywheel replaced. Overall costs was reasonable for the job complete.

However; my review of clickmechanic themselves is somewhat negative.

Spoke with their customer service team regards payments for the work carried out.

Booking was originally for clutch replacement in my 3 series £471 original quote.

When vehicle checked it was found that the flywheel would need doing at a cost of £586

While the repairs and costs were not the issue.
The negative is the way in which clickmechanic conduct themselves!

Looked at the emails from them when making the booking.

Advised that no payments would be taken prior to completion of works as card details have to be provided prior to booking.

This is not quite the correct story, as a pre authorisation has to be completed prior to the garage visit. I do understand a need to validate payment can be made so garage and other businesses don’t lose out.

My gripe regards this is that no communication was made so fund can be made available like most people from savings account.

Declined payments have been known to affect credit history and there was no information regarding this payment being taken in full.

Apparently I failed to read the terms and conditions which may well be the case, however; being in management of a transport operation for many years, I would not be very good at my operation if I couldn’t explain additional costs to customer prior to the transport of goods, I feel there was inexcusable attitude front he staff member regarding the term and conditions and little or no empathy or full understanding of how the customer felt seeing money be taken before any works had even begun.

Although they state the use pee authorisation and the money is still In your account but just not available to you. They fail to see the other side, the money may not have left the account but you have no access to these funds.

I was also told the garage would be the ones making the claim for this payment, concerns me as I gave my card details to clickmechanic only, so not only would they have taken funds prior to work it appears they give your details away without and consultation!

Rant over, car is working and driving like silk :) ensure you read all the details regarding the steps taken.
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23rd November 2020
Ford Focus Brake discs and pads replacement - front (both)

Both the mechanic and the young lady that I spoke to on the phone, were very friendly and helpful.

31st October 2020
Mitsubishi L200 Water pump replacement
Timing belt replacement

Somerset vehicles services were quick . Polite and kept me up to date with the work they carried out . Cannot fault them . Top service and will use again