Your Drive Back Home Could Excuse You an Easter Egg

Easter is just around the corner now – a time for family togetherness as well as guilt-free snacking! Indeed, this weekend, countless Brits will be giving and receiving copious quantities of chocolate; so much so that many of us will even surpass the daily allowance of calories in chocolate alone. So it comes to no surprise that the majority of us will eat to the point that we feel ill every year, with little consideration of how many calories we are consuming. The good news is, if you’re driving home this Easter, you are unknowingly burning off some of the calories already, so you could potentially excuse a treat or two in advance! To give UK drivers an idea of what they could earn on the road, ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repair, has calculated how far you would have to drive to earn some of the traditional Easter treats.

Andrew Jervis, Co-Founder of ClickMechanic, said: “It’s all too easy to over-eat chocolate at Easter, so we need every bit of help we can get when it comes to burning the calories! Driving burns more energy than most are aware due to the natural G-forces and power needed to control the vehicle. As such, those that have a long ride home can potentially excuse some of the below chocolate treats!”

1. Lindt Gold Bunny (200g) – 1100 calories OR driving from Brighton to Edinburgh and back

Lindt’s Gold Bunnies have long been a traditional Easter treat, but at 1,100 calories per 200 gram rabbit, they are not exactly a light treat. That being said, you could burn off one of these bunnies by driving from Brighton to Edinburgh and back. It would take 15 hours and 40 minutes on the road for the average male driver, or just over 19 hours for a woman. It’s a hefty price to pay, so it may be worth eating this rabbit slowly!

2. Cadbury Creme Egg – 177 calories OR driving from London to Birmingham

Small and yet filling, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are one of the most popular Easter treats. Due to their size, these fondant-filled eggs are much lighter in calories compared to most Easter sweets. At 177 calories per egg, a male driver would need to spend 2 and a half hours on the road (the equivalent of driving from London to Birmingham) to earn one, whereas a woman would need to drive for little over 3 hours. This means if you have a particularly long drive, you could well excuse a couple of these!

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Extra Large Easter Egg – 2760 calories OR driving from Plymouth to Glasgow more than 5X

While Easter eggs may appear less calorific than most chocolate bars, due to their thin shell and hollow design, it is very easy to keep eating them once you start! Not to mention, some of the latest eggs have grown so big, that they alone equate to more than your daily allowance of calories. For instance, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Extra Large Easter Egg amounts to a staggering 2760 calories if you count the included chocolate bars. To burn this, a male motorist would need to drive from Plymouth to Glasgow more than 5 times and spend almost 40 hours behind the wheel. In comparison, a female driver would need to make the journey 6 and a half times with 48 hours on the road!

4. MaltEaster Bunny – 156 calories OR driving from Oxford to Cambridge

MaltEaster Bunnies are fairly small, light and easy to eat. They are commonly used to decorate Easter treats, as above, but they are also a delicious snack in their own right! Each bunny contains 156 calories, to earn which the average man would need to drive for just over 2 hours, or roughly from Oxford to Cambridge. Whereas, a woman would need to spend closer to 3 hours behind the wheel.

5. Cadbury Mini Eggs – 444 calories OR driving from Aberdeen to Sheffield

Mini Eggs are almost too easy to eat, and while 444 calories seems a pretty steep price to pay, that counts for a whole pack (27 eggs)! To burn this off, a male motorist would need to travel from Aberdeen to Sheffield and spend more than 6 hours on a road. A woman, on the other hand, would need to drive for just under 8 hours. So it may indeed be worth watching how many of these you pinch over the weekend!