When should I replace my antifreeze?

When should I replace my antifreeze?

When to replace your antifreeze is one of those super important car things to get right. After all, antifreeze helps to keep your car running smoothly. Golden rule is to check the antifreeze level in preparation of the winter months. If there’s not enough antifreeze in the coolant mixture (but mainly water) then there is a chance that it will freeze solid in cold weather.

Making sure there is enough antifreeze in your coolant system in winter therefore is key. If the system freezes up, coolant cannot circulate freely through the system. You may see that your engine will quickly overheat, despite the cold weather! To prevent this, an antifreeze strength check can be done. This will find out how much of it is currently in the system.

Antifreeze top-up

If it turns out your car needs new antifreeze then changing it is fairly simple. It’s normally just a case of adding it to the coolant reservoir tank in the engine bay. The tricky bit will be to get the amount of new antifreeze right. If you’re not sure how to do it, then it’s advisable to get a mechanic to do an antifreeze top-up.

Coolant / antifreeze flush

A good thing to do before winter as well is a coolant flush so that you know the system is completely clean of debris. It will help prevent it from freezing up, and ensure the coolant can circulate smoothly. Do make sure that the cooling system on your car is suitable for a flush. Some car manufacturers recommend not to flush the system as the chemicals in flush fluid may damage it. Your car’s service guide will give information on this.

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