Top 5 Tools That Mobile Mechanics Need

As an auto technician, you have an array of mechanic tools set and equipment to complement your skills and expertise. As a mobile mechanic, your jobs will dictate your tools as it’s not always necessary for a mobile mechanic to cover all types of repairs. Depending on the type of job, its long-term value, and efficiency, mobile mechanics choose to invest in job-specific tools, to add to their arsenal.

As demand for mobile mechanic services increases in the UK and more mechanics are going mobile, our expert mechanics provide their top 5 list of must-have mechanic tools as a mobile technician.

Here are some of the most popular (and usually underrated) tools used by mobile mechanics:

1. Jack & Jack Stands

This may sound like an obvious one but is an important tool to have as a mobile mechanic. If not all, most jobs will require a jack and jack stands. Mobile mechanics want to be prepared in case there is a problem under the car that needs to be taken care of.

Jack and jack stands are most likely tools a mobile mechanic will use every day, so investing in a quality stand from a trustworthy manufacturer such as Draper or Bahco is highly recommended. At the same time, ensure it is important to invest in a tool that is practical to carry in a mobile van.

2. Diagnostic scanning tool

When doing mobile jobs, a good quality diagnostic scanning tool that covers multiple vehicles is the most important piece of equipment. The basic handheld code readers are designed to detect common problems and adjust faults with limited functions. A few advanced readers are able to reset systems and perform emissions checks.

However, more sophisticated diagnostic scanners like the one from Autel, cover 80+ models of cars and are able to retrieve all available faults, allowing you to manually activate certain components. Depending on the model, some of the higher-priced diagnostic tools can perform OE-Level diagnoses to read and clear fault codes with live data and perform active tests and adaptations.

3. Cordless Lithium-ion powered impact wrenches

In recent years, battery-powered impact wrenches have gotten a lot better than their air-powered counterparts. They’re a great alternative to the pneumatic versions due to their low costs (overtime) and portability. For smaller, lighter tasks, impact drivers fitted with a HEX socket are another great tool to have. DeWalt and Milwaukee are reputable brands that have some great options for impact drivers and wrenches.

“My favourite tool since I’ve gone mobile would be my battery impact wrench. It’s so much easier than having to use the compressor to run an air-powered impact gun. It’s definitely worth the investment”

  • Brad Reynolds, Mobile Mechanic on the ClickMechanic network

4. Air compressor

From blowing out carburettor fuel passages to fitting impact wrenches or even filling air in tyres, a portable air compressor can be a great piece of equipment to add to your toolbox.

Although they are available in different sizes, mobile mechanics usually prefer a model that isn’t too heavy and can be stored easily in a mobile van.

5. Tarp

The use of tarps is often overlooked, especially when transitioning from a workshop to going mobile. Mobile mechanics mostly conduct repairs and servicing in the customer’s driveway. Regardless of how careful the mechanic is, it can always lead to oil spills. Having a tarp or something similar under the area they’re working on does not only avoid the risk of disappointment from customers but is also a good reflection of the professionalism of a mobile mechanic.

Mobile mechanics may also encounter different types of surfaces to work on, which can often impede and affect the quality of their work. Foam pads such as the Snap-on kneeling mats can be great for when they need to crawl under the vehicle. For jack stands, cutouts of plywood provide an even surface to work with.

To conclude, there are countless tools out there and this is certainly not an exhaustive and definitive list. Invest in the best tools you can afford and eventually upgrade as you improve your portfolio.

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