Top 5 tips to prepare your car for the autumn

As the days get shorter and the temperatures dip, it’s a good idea to do a quick check of your vehicle to prepare for the colder months ahead.

Doing these checks may also prevent costly car repair bills and other additional expenses when it’s peak winter season.

Here are our top 5 tips to prepare your car for the weeks leading up to winter:

1. Check the condition of your wiper blades


Often the wipers will get brittle as the rubber wears down, the result is that the wipers will not be able to clean the whole window surface properly and will leave streaks across the window. When it’s autumn, therefore, it’s important to get this checked, to ensure that your car is ready for those autumn showers! Don’t forget to check your windscreen washer fluid levels and top up in time.

You can read this helpful post on when to replace your wiper blades.

2. Tyres

Tyre pressure

Roads in autumn are bound to get more slippery as we expect more rain and potentially icy conditions. On top of that, the layers of dead leaves that trees will shed this autumn can add another layer of danger. Making sure your tyres are in good condition (including tyre pressure) is very important to stay safe on the road.

3. Check antifreeze levels


Antifreeze prevents the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing and also helps stop corrosion and scale build-up. You can get a professional mechanic to check this for you and top up if needed.

4. Suspension


The condition of the roads will normally start to deteriorate throughout autumn and winter. There will be more debris on the roads, and potholes will develop as roads freeze up. If you are unlucky enough to hit a pothole, make sure to check whether the suspension has damage.

5. Check the heating


As the days are getting colder ensure the heater system in your car is working properly. The heater is not just there to keep you warm but will also help you with demisting and defrosting the window. Check that the heater is blowing warm air and that all the different settings are working properly.

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