Top 5 Tips To Be A Good Mobile Mechanic

Mechanic with his vanAs a car repair enthusiast and auto repair technician, mechanics are innately inclined and passionate about fixing things. When you instil the technical know-how and experience necessary to work with vehicles, no job is too hard. But becoming a good mobile mechanic can take years of experience and training. Just having technical knowledge may not always be enough. Irrespective of how many years you’ve been in the industry fixing cars, there are some things that you need to keep in mind to become a good mobile mechanic.

Here are our top 5 tips to be a good mobile mechanic:

First impressions

It’s all about making your first impression count. The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated – they are crucial in setting up the base of your relationship with a customer.

Firstly, ensure you have a clean van. If you have left any remnants from a job, make sure you clean them up after each job. Furthermore, you will minimize the amount of work you need to do when performing routine cleaning.

When it comes to your van, make sure that it’s kept damage-free. For instance, having a dent on your side door while you’re on a job site will reflect poorly on your work ethic from the customer’s perspective.

It’s also important to present yourself professionally. Ensure you’re wearing clean overalls when visiting a customer location. Even if a mechanic’s job is thought to be messy and greasy, it doesn’t have to be that way when doing mobile jobs.

Having a professional business card is an excellent tool to make an in-person first impression with your customer. We have a great guide to business card designs and ideas here.


More often than not, customers will take a peek inside your van. Ensure you have a neat and tidy set-up in the back of your van. Consider investing in some tool storage equipment so tools such as socket sets, spanners, wrenches etc are neatly arranged. Organizing your tools and equipment in this way will not only be visually pleasing but will also help you get organised and be able to find them more easily.

Being a mobile mechanic means you do not have access to the comfort of a spacious garage or workshop. You may need specific set of tools so invest in the right tools that you can afford; remember a good mechanic never blames his tools!


Good mechanics know more than just repairing and replacing car parts and knowing the difference between an alternator, starter, and generator. Customers tend to go back to and appreciate mechanics who take the additional effort of communicating and engaging with them. Stay in touch with the customer if you are running behind schedule. If the repair is complicated, or needs further explanation, ensure to spend some time communicating this information in an easy to understand manner.

There will be some tough days, and days when jobs just don’t seem to be going well. It’s important to be polite, patient and cheerful even on bad days. Remember, this customer is your next advert.

Once you complete the job, make sure you follow up with the customer to ensure everything went smoothly.

Organise your diary efficiently

To reduce travel times, costs, interruptions and the chance of putting off customers consider scheduling customers in area groups. Don’t overburden yourself – taking on too much will only result in letting your customers down and causing you stress.

Customer database

It’s easier (and more efficient) to serve your existing customers than to go looking out to acquire new ones. One way to keep track of your customers is having a CRM  (Customer Relationship Management) tool that specialises in auto repair. These tools help maintain customer records, sales, accounting and invoice management. These tools can help you understand when your customer’s next MOT or service is due, thus helping you re-engage with your customers and providing additional value.

Don’t forget to contact customers in an area you’re going to, to ask if they need any help with their vehicles (it’s a good idea to offer a special discount in this instance since you’re ‘in the area’). It also shows you would like to work for them again (or even their neighbours!).

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