Top 3 Car Repair Questions That People Ask Our Mechanics

With the many moving parts of a vehicle, come the numerous questions about car parts and repair. Our free consultation service allows customers to ask our team of expert mechanics for help diagnosing what is wrong with their vehicles.

Here are the most common enquiries our in-house mechanic team receives with a brief explanation of the problem:

‘I am losing water from the cooling system”


The engine cooling system circulates coolant around the engine to keep the temperature down and circulates coolant through the car’s heating system. Over time leaks can develop in the system, which ought to be fixed as soon as possible.

What next? A major leak can generally be detected easily, however, if there is a gradual leak it will not be easily noticeable. In order to find the leak, the cooling system is topped up and then pressurised to force the coolant out of the failure point so it can be seen by the mechanic.

“I have an oil leak”

Oil leak

Oil leaks are very common on all engines as they get older. Seals become brittle, gaskets fail and parts crack, so it is almost inevitable that there will be a leak at some point over the lifetime of the vehicle.

What next? Locating the source of an oil leak is not always easy. Mechanics will need to clean down as much as possible before looking visually and using diagnostic cameras to see into hard-to-reach places. It is rare to find a problem with the actual head gasket, however, the rocker cover gasket and the sump gasket are the two most likely places to present a defect.

“My engine is over-revving when I accelerate”

Foot on pedal

Both manual and semi-automatic gearboxes have a clutch which together with the flywheel transfers the engine’s power into momentum. When the clutch doesn’t make solid contact with the flywheel, though, the engine speed increases but your speed will not, hence the over-revving effect you get when accelerating!

What next? The clutch will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. A worn clutch can damage the expensive dual mass flywheel (DMF), as fitted to most modern cars.

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