5 Things To Do Over Easter Weekend

Let’s be honest, Easter this year may be the most normal one we have had in the last few years. And so naturally, it’s not surprising that the number of UK motorists hitting the roads for a spring getaway is expected to reach an eight-year high this Easter!

There are expected to be 21 million road trips made over the weekend. If you’d rather stay put and avoid the traffic we’ve rounded up 5 entertaining and fun things to do for those who aren’t heading out (or if you’ve already reached your destination).

1. Spring planting

Spring planting

Spring is here (yes, the sun’s finally out!) and flowers have started to blossom. In addition to kicking off the spring planting season, this is a great activity to do with your family. It’s probably too late to start sowing new seeds for some plant types but you can always procure saplings or bulbs and get planting instead!

If you don’t have a garden, try your hand at potted plants – there are many beautiful flowers that grow well indoors and in pots.

2. Bake-off

Easter baking

Is there such a thing as too many Easter eggs? Probably. But the great thing about baked treats is that they can last a lot longer than a chicken roast. An Easter Monday baking session, whether alone or with family, can result in some tasty treats to enjoy over the next few days. BBC Good Food has loads of easy and tasty Easter-themed treats to choose from.

3. Outdoor spring trail

Spring trail

Another great thing about the spring is venturing into the great outdoors after the long winter months. The National Trust has several Easter Egg hunts across trails in various parts of the UK. Even if you’ve had your share of giant chocolate Easter eggs, these gorgeous trails in nature are equally rewarding.

4. Easter Monday picnic

Easter picnic

If you’re looking for a more relaxing Easter activity, a picnic at the local park is another great way to kickstart the spring season. Keep a lookout for seasonal spring produce at the local market such as rhubarb and strawberries that can add a touch of colour to your picnic food basket.


5. Retro-themed Easter Monday

Retro party

With many of us glued to screens for work or scrolling infinitely through social media, we often forget to appreciate the simpler things in life. For a change take a trip back in time and host a retro-themed Easter Monday. You can do everything from watching movies from the 80s and cooking classic recipes to hosting a disco-themed dance party, or what about reading a good book! Perhaps you even have a hidden stash of retro board games in the loft that needs some lovin’.

If you are travelling over the weekend, however, do keep a lookout for traffic and road delays on the news.

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