The Mechanic Guide: Getting Customers

Once you’re all set up and have established yourself as a mechanic it’s time to start worrying about, or rather take an interest in acquiring customers. Customers won’t come out of nowhere to your business, of course. You will need to do some serious work to attract them.  You can rely on word of mouth, start repairing and servicing the cars of family and friends and friends-of-friends and gradually build up a name for yourself in your town or area.

Problem is, this will take ages, by the time you would have build up a name for yourself your business might have faltered already by the lack of customers, it will likely bring in too little cash to stay afloat. In most cases then, due to tough competition you will have to invest in and take interest in acquiring customers, not in the least to tease some away from your competitors.

You can advertise in local publications, get onto social media or organise events to attract customers to your garage. Of course, this is not the core element of your business, nor is it cheap. It’s easy to spend money on outreach, but it’s already more difficult to spend money on effective outreach, i.e. outreach that reaches car owners and brings you customers.

The efforts involved to track and understand where your customers come from and establish what acquisition channels you should focus on to acquire more are significant. Putting resources towards this is a choice that you’ll have to make and be convinced about, as it will undoubtedly take time away from the time you can have your hands on a car and do actual work.

What we, of course, would suggest is to consider Clickmechanic, we’ll take the marketing side and a large part of the administrative side out of your hands. So that you can concentrate on what you do best, repair cars. You will no longer have to worry about massive overheads to attract customers as well as the administration that comes with the business.

As a mobile mechanic at Clickmechanic, moreover, you will have the benefit of not having to pay towards renting garage premises to carry out your work. Instead, you’ll just have your van with equipment that you bring along to your job, job done, no additional rent bills to think about.

Joining Clickmechanic

Becoming part of the Clickmechanic family of mechanics is pretty simple, fill out the form here and let us know all we need to know about you. That said, we like to keep the standard of our network of mechanics high, that’s why we’ll only recruit the best. We will test your application on three main criteria:

  • Your accreditations and qualifications.
  • Your work history and experience.
  • You must have a suitable level of liability insurance and trade insurance.

If you’re able to show evidence in each of these criteria, we’ll sign you up, simples, no fees involved!

Photo icon: by Philip Glenn from the Noun Project

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