Car Care Tips From The Experts

Screw driver

Want to keep your car in the best possible shape? Well who better to ask than a mechanic? We’ve called up some of the mechanics on our network to find tricks that they use to keep their own vehicles in the best condition possible. “Check your tyre tread depth regularly” – Matthew from Epsom with … Read more

The Mechanic Guide: Becoming A Mechanic

Becoming a mechanic can be a daunting prospect. Just thinking about all the challenges and paperwork along the way might put you off. But don’t be deterred, it’s not all that bad and the rewards can be big, both emotionally and financially. If you just imagine for a moment being your own boss, taking the … Read more

A Mini Guide To Buying Your First Car

Whether you begin taking driving lessons at 17 or you get behind the wheel later in life, passing your driving test is a learner driver’s greatest achievement. After hours spent trying to master the art of manoeuvres, it’s time to say goodbye to the L plates and start searching for your very own set of … Read more

Motor Trade Insurance Explained – An Article by Road Runner

All ClickMechanic motor traders are required to hold trade insurance, but do you, as a mechanic, really understand how it works? Road Runner is a specialist motor trade insurance broker with a long history of helping a wide variety of motor traders find the right insurance for their business. If you are not sure whether … Read more

6 Problems Facing Driverless Cars

A staple of science fiction, autonomous cars are often the most visible technology of imagined futures. But unlike lightsabers and teleportation, the autonomous vehicles is close to becoming a reality. With tech giants Google already having made great strides in developing prototype cars – which are currently being tested on roads across the USA – … Read more