Third of Motorists Don’t Enjoy Driving Anymore

More than a third of motorists don’t enjoy driving Britain’s roads anymore. This was the conclusion of a survey held by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Half of the respondents noted that they didn’t enjoy driving anymore due to increasing petrol prices while 28% said that they just didn’t enjoy the experience of driving anymore. … Read more

New Mini + New(ish) Bulldog

For their latest advertising campaign Mini has taken the animal route to advertise their car. Because an animal always works doesn’t it? Interestingly they have not opted for the ever-popular cat, instead the chose something more in line with British culture; a bulldog and a very small one at that. They opted for a cute … Read more

Unfortunate Cars: Tata Loadbeta

Browsing through our extensive database of cars going back many years we sometimes bump into cars that make us wonder; why was this car built? Where there actually any people who went out and buy that car? There have been some woefully designed cars over the years, which mostly also have a woeful name. The … Read more

Considering Vehicle Insurance Factors

Getting your first family car is one of those things that signal your transition from a youngster who firmly believes in the whole YOLO fad, to a mature adult who considers every factor involved in his well-being and that of his loved ones. One of these factors is getting insurance for your car. In most … Read more

Wheels of the Week: 1980 Saab 99 Turbo

As a petrolhead one tends to browse the web and sometimes, somehow, one tends to end up on pages that list cars for sale. Ebay is one such website of course, this time a red Saab 99 Turbo fell victim to the car prying eyes of yours truly. From 1980, the 99 features the desirable … Read more

5 Most Scenic Routes to Drive on Earth.

Every one loves a road trip, especially when your driving on some of the most scenic routes imaginable. Check out these 5 beauties! 1. Sunshine Skyway Bridge – Tampa, USA. Spanning a total of 4 miles, this master piece of engineering is certain to take your breath away! 2. Stelvio Pass – Italian Alps. Voted by TopGear … Read more