How to Properly Wash Your Car

As you drive your vehicle its exterior will inevitably get dirty by all the grime and debris the roads throw onto the vehicle. Read our guide to find out all about the best way to wash a car. Why should I wash my car? The main reason to wash a car will ultimately always be … Read more

How To Check And Top Up Windscreen Wash

view of windscreen from inside of a car

Topping up the screen wash fluid or washer fluid is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can do yourself. However, if you’ve not done it before, it can be a bit confusing with all the different fluid reservoirs you see under the bonnet. To help you locate and fill up your screen wash reservoir, … Read more

A Guide to Understanding Used Car Warranties

used car dealership

All new cars are generally sold with a manufacturer warranty of anywhere from 3-7 years. Once that warranty expires you are usually left without protection, however there is actually an alternative: a used car warranty.  Read our guide to learn all about used car warranties and how they can protect you from unforeseen repair costs. … Read more

Smart Motorways: What Are They And How Do They Work?

The image shows a map of the smart motorway network in England and what category each motorway falls under.

What are smart motorways? Smart motorways were designed to improve safety, reduce congestion, and increase capacity on England’s busiest motorways. They use variable speed limits, hard shoulder running, and automated lane signals to effectively manage traffic. Variable speed limits allow the Highways Agency to adjust the limit depending on the amount of traffic.  Hard shoulder … Read more

Interim vs Full Service: What’s The Difference?

Mechanic doing a car service

An Interim Service has fewer checks and part replacements than the Full Service, it is less comprehensive. Generally, it is recommended that a full service should be conducted once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. An interim service on the other hand is conducted every 6 months or 6000 miles and is … Read more

What is a Pitted Brake Disc and How to Fix It

brake disc close up

A common type of brake wear that can occur over time is pitted brake discs. A mechanic may advise during your annual service that you have pitted brake discs or you may notice some grooves or unusual ‘pits’ on your brake discs. In this article, we’ll take a look at what pitted brake discs are, … Read more