VIN Number: What is it and How to Find it

Man in car looking at papers with VIN

A VIN number or more accurately simply just “VIN” is a car’s unique identity code much like a serial number on a smartphone. Why is the VIN important and where is it located on a vehicle? This article will explain everything you need to know to know about it.  What is a VIN number? A … Read more

Hard Shoulder – What Is It And How To Use It

Highway overview containing hard shoulder

Hard shoulders are a vital part of the motorway system in the UK and are often a topic of confusion and debate among drivers especially since the introduction of smart motorways. In the article, you will find all about the hard shoulder, what it’s for, when and how to use it.  What is the hard … Read more

What Does SORN Mean & How Long Does it Last?

Old Car

If you plan to take your car off the road and won’t be paying tax and insurance, you will need to apply for a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) with the DVLA. This article will explain what it means and how to go about applying for it.  What does SORN mean? A SORN vehicle is … Read more

What’s Checked During an MOT?

Parts of the car checked in MOT exam

An MOT test is a Ministry of Transport test to check that vehicles are roadworthy in the UK. It is a legal requirement for all vehicles over three years old (four years in Northern Ireland) to have an annual MOT test. The test checks that the vehicle meets the minimum safety and environmental standards.  The … Read more

Clutch Slipping? Here’s What To Do

Clutch pedal

In this article you’ll find information about symptoms of a slipping clutch, what to do if you experience a slipping clutch and if it can be fixed. What does a clutch actually do? The clutch is a device that allows the transmission to disengage from the engine, allowing the car to change gears. Basically, there … Read more

Pothole Damage? What To Do

Road with potholes

Potholes are a common menace, especially during late winter and early spring. Find out everything you need to know about pothole damage, what it can damage and how to make a claim and get reimbursed for your repair expenses in this article. How is a pothole formed? Potholes typically form when water seeps into cracks … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Of Burning Rubber?

Tyre burning rubber

A burning rubber smell coming from the vehicle can be particularly concerning especially when you do not know the source of it. Besides the obvious burning smell of rubber tyres, there are a lot of other components in a vehicle such as leaking oil or coolant, electrical shorts, etc that can result in a burning … Read more

What To Do If You Have A Slow Puncture

Mechanic fixing a slow puncture tyre

Slow punctures are common but understandably more challenging to detect compared to a sudden puncture. In this article, we cover how to identify if you have a slow puncture, what causes it and how to repair a slow puncture. What is a slow puncture? Slow punctures are tiny, almost undetectable holes in a vehicle’s tyre … Read more

What To Do When Your Car Overheats

Car engine

When your car engine overheats, it can cause damage to the engine and potentially lead to a breakdown. In this article, we cover what can cause an engine to overheat and what to do next.  What causes the car engine to overheat? There are many potential causes for a car engine to overheat. One possibility … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Rotten egg smell in car

Just like we show ‘signs’ of sickness and ill health, a vehicle also shows signs and symptoms that there may be something wrong or out of the ordinary that needs attention. One peculiar but common sign of this is the smell of rotten eggs. The smell of “rotten eggs” is actually the odour of a sulphurous … Read more