MOT Advisories: What Do They Mean?

If you’ve got an ‘advisory note’ on your recent MOT, you’re probably a bit concerned about what this means and what you need to do next. This article covers everything you need to know about MOT advisories.

What is an MOT advisory?

An MOT advisory is a warning issued by an MOT examiner when they find problems that could potentially cause issues in the future or cause the vehicle to fail the next MOT. Essentially, they are small defects found that are not big enough to qualify as a failure on the test.

An MOT advisory will provide details of what needs to be fixed or addressed in due course. It will usually need to have been fixed in order for the vehicle to pass its next inspection. It is important that any advisories are addressed promptly in order to ensure the road-worthiness and reliability of the car. You can check when your vehicle’s MOT is due here.

What are the MOT defect severity categories?

MOTs are classified into 3 categories: Dangerous, Major, and Minor.

‘Dangerous’ or ‘major’ problems with your vehicle will result in your vehicle failing the test. ‘Minor’ defects that do not severely impact the overall safety of the vehicle can sometimes still mean you’ve passed the test (this depends on the defect).

Along with these, the smaller issues will be tagged as advisories and the examiner will go into further detail about the advisory and what can be done to rectify it. These advisories imply that you can still drive but should be actively monitored or taken into consideration to help ensure you don’t run into unexpected problems.

What do I do with an MOT advisory?

Depending on the nature of the advisory, you may need to either carry out some minor repairs or just monitor the issue. There is no legal requirement to ‘fix’ these advisories. However, although it is not always the case, it is likely that advisories issued can become a cause for concern for the vehicle owner in the coming months and result in a failure at the next MOT inspection.

For example, a common MOT advisory is ‘tyre tread close to limit’ – while this is not something to be immediately concerned about it is definitely recommended to pay attention to in the coming weeks. The action here would be to get the tyres replaced when possible rather than waiting for it to reach the legal limit of 1.6mm.

What are some common MOT advisories?

Some of the most common advisory notes include:

  • Tyres – including tread limit, tyre pressure, overall condition
  • Suspension – slightly worn-out linkages
  • Brakes – brake pads close to wearing out, brake discs worn out, etc.
  • Wing mirrors – nearside wing mirror missing/damaged
  • Lights – discolouration
  • Corrosion –  rusting on brake discs
  • Inspection issues- such as a fitted child seat coming in the way of inspection

Does an advisory mean my car has failed the MOT?

No, an advisory does not mean your car has failed the MOT. An advisory is a comment on a particular part of your car that can potentially cause an issue and is not severe enough to fail the MOT test. It’s recommended that advisories be addressed (if necessary) as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration.

Does an MOT advisory go on the MOT history checker?

Yes, all defects, including advisories are recorded on the publicly available government database and will show up on the MOT history checker.

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