How to Properly Dispose of Old Car Tyres

Got new tyres fitted for your vehicle but not sure what to do with the old tyres?

This quick guide will simplify the process, offering clear and practical advice for UK motorists. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your tyre disposal methods are both legally compliant and environmentally responsible.

Tyres are a complex waste product, primarily because they are made of various materials that are not biodegradable. In the UK, it is illegal to dispose of old tyres by dumping them in landfills, due to their harmful impact on the environment.

Where Can I Dispose of Tyres for Free?

Local Council Facilities: Some local councils in the UK offer tyre disposal services free of charge. However, this is not a universal service and can vary from one council to another. It’s recommended to check with your local council for their specific policies and services. For example, Leicestershire Council says that you can’t take tyres to your local recycling and household waste sites whereas, Staffordshire has designated recycling centres that accept tyres for a small fee.

Tyre Retailers and Garages: When you purchase new tyres, many tyre retailers offer a take-back service for your old ones. Often included in the price of your new tyres, this service can be a convenient and free way to dispose of old tyres.

How Do You Dispose of Tyres Safely?

Never dump tyres illegally as it can lead to significant environmental harm and legal consequences.

Check with Your Local Council: Your first step should be to check with your local council for any tyre disposal services they may offer. You can also do a postcode search on RecycleNow to find the nearest recycling centre to you.

Retailer Take-Back Services: When buying new tyres, ask the retailer or the mechanic about their take-back services for your old ones.

Waste Disposal Company: If you have a large number of tyres, consider getting in touch with a waste disposal company. These companies can handle large volumes of tyres and other wastes and ensure they are disposed of according to legal and environmental standards in the UK.

What is the UK Regulation on Tyre Disposal?

Tyre disposal in the UK is not illegal, but it must be done according to specific regulations and environmental standards. It is illegal to dispose of tyres in landfills, and there are strict rules about how they must be handled, processed, and recycled. The SR2021 No 13 regulations outline the permitted methods and conditions for tyre storage and treatment. Operators handling end-of-life tyres must comply with these regulations to ensure environmentally responsible disposal and recovery.

How Much Does It Cost to Dispose of Tyres?

The exact cost depends on the service provider, location and the type of tyre. Many recycling companies will charge around £2 per tyre for tyres from passenger cars and up to £10 for larger commercial vehicles.

Can Tyres Be Recycled?

Yes, modern recycling processes are capable of handling a wide range of tyres, including those from cars, bicycles, and larger vehicles. The recycling process typically involves breaking down the tyres into their constituent materials, such as rubber, steel, and fabric, which can then be reused in various applications.


  • Is tyre disposal free in the UK?

It can be, depending on local council services or retailer take-back schemes.

  • Can I dispose of tyres at a landfill?

No, it is illegal in the UK to dispose of tyres in landfills.

  • Are there any environmentally friendly ways to dispose of tyres?

Yes, recycling is the most environmentally friendly method.

  • How can I ensure my tyres are disposed of legally?

Always use licensed disposal services or council-provided facilities.

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