How To Get A Central Locking Problem Fixed

Sometimes you may be faced with a central locking problem in your car.  Finding out what the problem is can be very difficult. Door lock issues on their own can be complicated, but having central locking can make diagnosing any problems even more difficult. This article may help you with what are the next best steps you can take if you find yourself with a central locking issue.

Having central locking will mean there are even more parts that make up your car’s lock. Identifying which part is faulty often requires a thorough inspection.

How does a central locking system work?

The central locking system is usually operated by a button on the dash or steering wheel, and it will lock all the doors at once. Many modern cars have a remote control key fob that you can use to lock and unlock the doors from a distance.

In order to operate the central locking system, you need to use the car central locking remote, also known as the key fob. A signal is sent from the remote to the receiver connected to the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which is the main control point of the system’s functions. This in turn activates the lock actuator in the door which releases the locks and allows you access to the vehicle. 

What causes problems with the central locking system?

Problem with the actuator

Sometimes a door’s lock actuator might fail. It is an electronic part that is fitted to each door which controls the opening and closing of each door’s lock. If a door’s actuator fails, you will find that the door simply won’t open. Other doors on the car will most likely still open.

Electric wiring issues: 

If you find that none of the doors open it’s often due to an issue with the central locking in general. It could be an electrical issue of some kind.

Fault with the key fob: 

If the locks on all doors suddenly stop working or responding, the key fob may be to blame. A dead battery or a malfunction may prevent the fob from sending a signal; in this case, the key fob may need to be reprogrammed or replaced. 

Blown fuse: 

A blown fuse could be the cause of door locks not working. This is fairly easy and inexpensive to fix by a mechanic.

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What If I Have a Remote Central Locking Problem?

If your car is fitted with remote central locking another layer of problems is added. Issues like this can be due to something as simple as a faulty remote, other times it’s the remote control unit inside the car. Often, though, it’s really just the battery in the remote key that has run flat. All that is needed then is to replace the battery, you will most likely find your doors will open again.

How Do I Find Out What Central Locking Part Is Faulty?

If you can’t quite find out why your central locking doesn’t work then it’s always advisable to get the help of a professional. They will be able to pinpoint exactly what part is required by testing the system with their specialist testing equipment. Remember, it’s not advisable to replace any parts until you actually know what is required.


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