Gear Shift: Garages With Collection & Delivery Now Joining ClickMechanic

launching garages

Since ClickMechanic launched in 2012 our goal has been very clear: We want to make the auto repair industry more transparent and trusted and less of a hassle for car owners. In order to do this we’ve created a state of the art pricing engine to give you up front quotes, we’ve made online bookings as simple and easy as possible and we only work with the high quality technicians who adhere to our strict code of conduct to ensure you’ll get a faultless experience.

And until now we’ve worked exclusively with mobile mechanics. Mobile mechanics are fantastic as they’re able to come to you, which means you don’t have to spend your Saturday getting to and from a garage miles away. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough mobile mechanics in the UK to meet customer demand. Recently, we gave out our millionth quote, and realised we need to find a new source of high quality technicians as more and more car owners discover ClickMechanic!

Fortunately, there are a huge number of garages, which off free collection and delivery. Like a mobile mechanic, you can get your car repaired without leaving your home or office, the only difference is they will recover the vehicle to their workshop to work on it there.

How does this affect you? Not a lot. ClickMechanic prices will stay the same, the ClickMechanic Service will stay the same and ClickMechanic quality will stay the same. There are even a few jobs which garages are able to do which mobile mechanics can’t, so our range of services will increase.

Still don’t fancy garages, not to worry. When booking, you’ll be asked if you’re happy for your vehicle to be recovered – just select no and we’ll make sure to match you with a mobile mechanic.

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