Fun and Romantic Affordable Car Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether or not you have a date, it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with those you love or even just to take some time for yourself. Have you ever thought of doing a date from your car to create a memorable experience?

Check out our favourite car date ideas (that involves little to no expense):


StargazingA romantic night under the stars is always a great way to enjoy the outdoors but not have to deal with the usual hassles of outdoor activities.

Furry blankets and cushions can be thrown on a bonnet while you stare at the beautiful night sky. This website is quite helpful in understanding when are the best days and times to go stargazing.

Switch up movie night

beverages in handMovie night on the couch can tend to get monotonous so switching up the location can be a fun way to watch a movie. It’s as simple as bringing snacks, a laptop, tablet, or even a phone to the car and driving up to a scenic location.

Enjoy your new movie viewing location while you are warm and comfortable in the back seat.

Camping but make it glam

campingIf you’re not a fan of camping, then glamping might just be the next best thing to do. Drive to your nearest campsite, park up and you can even go for a woodland walk.

Even without a tent, you can create your own unique experience of “glamping” in the boot of your car – just pack a duvet, lay down your back seat, and get comfy! Don’t forget to pack loads of snacks!

Treasure hunt with a twist

geocacheAdmittedly, this may involve a bit of walking but is such a fun and modern twist to a treasure hunt. A ‘geocache’ is a physical container that is hidden outside and there are loads of it placed around in random places around the world. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone with GPS to navigate to a geocache – you can choose a location further to where you’re located which gives you an opportunity to enjoy a longer scenic drive.

Don’t forget to take a pen to sign and date the logbook and you can even log your experience online.

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