Essentials To Keep In Your Car Breakdown Kit

Car breakdowns can be nerve-wracking. Even more so if you’re in the middle of nowhere or need to be somewhere urgently.

If you want to minimise the inconvenience associated with your car breaking down mid-trip, having a breakdown cover is key. Even so, your service provider may take time to reach you which is why it’s always recommended to have essential supplies on hand to prepare for the worst, especially when it’s cold or rainy outside.

Here’s is our list of top breakdown kit essentials:

Portable Battery Pack

Portable charger

Having a mobile phone without charge is of course pretty useless. A fully charged power bank in your car will ensure that you always have enough battery power. Keep a spare charging cable attached to the power bank.

It’s also helpful to download apps that can share your precise location when calling out for help. An app like Google Maps usually does the job but if you want to be super precise, what3words provides 3-word references that make it super easy to pinpoint your location.

Warm, waterproof clothing

Warm clothing

Breakdowns on the motorway are more common than one might think. And when this happens, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to vacate your vehicle while you wait for help. You should ensure you have warm, waterproof clothing as part of your breakdown kit.

Spare fuel can

fuel can

A big cause of breakdowns is running out of fuel. ​​You can keep a spare fuel can handy in the car boot as long as it’s UN Certified by an Approved Test House and embossed with the Certification number. These don’t even need to be filled – an empty one will do, provided you’re willing to walk to the nearest station to fill it up.

A warning triangle and a high-vis vest

Warning triangle

During bad weather, on a busy road, or in the dark, it can be very difficult for other drivers to see you. A high-vis vest can come in handy in this situation and is relatively inexpensive with retailers selling it for as little as £3. Warning triangles tend to fold out and do not take up much room in your boot due to their compact design.

And remember, don’t attempt to put a warning triangle out on a motorway – it’s just too dangerous.

First-aid kit

First aid kit

Breakdown kit or not, it’s always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit in your vehicle, you never know when you’ll need it. There are loads of options available with retailers but it’s worth investing in a decent kit.

If you’re planning a long road trip, a Vehicle Health Check is a good way to help check whether your car is safe to drive and can help reduce the risk of a breakdown.

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