Frozen Car Window? How To Fix It

In frosty weather it can happen that you will end up with a frozen car window. Any ice that has formed around the window rubbers of one of the windows on the side can freeze it shut. Usually you won’t even notice the issue as it’s unlikely you will open the window in freezing temperatures. […]

Why Is My Electric Window Not Working?

Your electric windows move up and down by way of a mechanism inside your door. Sometimes you may find it is not working. Sometimes it may just be a temporary problem, but often it means the window is broken. Electric windows have a couple more parts that can go faulty in comparison to manual windows. […]

What Does A Window Regulator Do?

The window regulator, or window mechanism, assists in opening and closing the side windows on the car. Most cars nowadays are fitted with an electric regulator, which is controlled by a window switch on your door or dashboard. Cars with basic trim levels and older cars are usually operated by a manual mechanism. In that […]

How to clean a car’s windscreen scuttle water drains?

As you drive the car, the car collects dirt and debris in all kinds of nooks and crannies. Usually a bit of dirt won’t affect the car’s functionality, it only ruins the looks of your car. In some cases though it can be that dirt prevents parts of the car working properly. Take, for example, […]