What To Do If You Have A Slow Puncture

Mechanic fixing a slow puncture tyre

Slow punctures are common but understandably more challenging to detect compared to a sudden puncture. In this article, we cover how to identify if you have a slow puncture, what causes it and how to repair a slow puncture. What is a slow puncture? Slow punctures are tiny, almost undetectable holes in a vehicle’s tyre … Read more

Tyre Tread Depth – A Complete Guide

Tyre tread

Your tyres are what connect you and your car to the road surface. Consequently checking your tyres are in good condition and there is adequate tyre tread is very important to stay safe on the road. Doing a quick visual check periodically is easy to do and could be a life saver. We explain how … Read more

Choosing Car Tyres – Tread Carefully

Choosing new tyres

For most of us, car tyres are an expense we could do without. They usually require replacing at the most inconvenient time and therefore we either look for the cheapest deal or go with whatever the garage has offered you. However, tyres can make a difference in how your car handles as well as your … Read more

Damages potholes can do to a car

Damages Potholes can do to a car

Like plants, potholes grow with the rain. During the winter, rainwater puddles on the surface, but gets into the cracks between the tarmac. Underneath the tarmac, it freezes pushing the tarmac out as it expands into ice. This combined with the constant pressure of vehicles driving overtop causes potholes to quickly form. The most recent … Read more

What is The Difference Between Winter Tyres And Summer Tyres?

Tyre tread

Winter tyres can seem like a bit of a mystery. Often it’s unclear what they actually do and if they are any different from summer tyres. Tyres are tyres, right? Truth is that winter tyres are a highly specialised piece of kit. They will help keep your car stable in winter weather. They are, in … Read more

Faulty Brakes: The Most Common Vehicle Defect in Road Accidents

Car crash

We have analysed the latest figures from the Department for Transport and can reveal that faulty brakes are the number one vehicle defect to contribute to 2016’s road accidents. However, looking just at cars, flawed tyres are in fact the most common defect to cause an incident. With a total of 446 incidents, faulty tyres … Read more

The Complete Guide To Tyre Pressure

tyre hanging

Why should I check my tyre pressure regularly? Tyre pressure is vital to keeping your car rolling. Deflated tyres don’t grip the road meaning they can handle very badly. This may cause the vehicle to swerve unexpectedly and even cause the tyres to pop. This is incredibly dangerous on a motorway, where the high speeds … Read more

How To Protect Your Car From The Heat

van on a road

The hot summer heatwave is coming! Will your car stand up to the heat? Some common car problems caused by the sunny weather include overheating engines, dry rot in the tyres, peeling paint and a fading interior. Luckily, these are all preventable with a little car care. How to stop your engine from overheating A … Read more