Smart Motorways: What Are They And How Do They Work?

The image shows a map of the smart motorway network in England and what category each motorway falls under.

What are smart motorways? Smart motorways were designed to improve safety, reduce congestion, and increase capacity on England’s busiest motorways. They use variable speed limits, hard shoulder running, and automated lane signals to effectively manage traffic. Variable speed limits allow the Highways Agency to adjust the limit depending on the amount of traffic.  Hard shoulder … Read more

ClickMechanic partners with TMO to launch Used Car Warranty


We’re pleased to announce a partnership agreement with The Motoring Organisation (TMO), a leading warranty and after-sales product provider. Through this unique partnership, ClickMechanic is offering its customers one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective Used Car Warranty packages in the UK. ClickMechanic is committed to making car care easier for everyone, everywhere – and … Read more

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Motorists in 2023

London Fireworks

The New Year is finally here and with its arrival comes the vowing of countless New Year resolutions from across the country. From leading a healthier lifestyle to breaking bad habits, Brits will be trying to make all sorts of changes for the better. As such, we felt it more than fitting to find the … Read more

Keeping Key Workers Moving During The Coronavirus Lockdown

As the Coronavirus has forced much of the nation into full lockdown, those keeping our key services running are faced with huge challenges to do so. Not least finding ways to get to and from work, and keeping their vehicles moving safely when many garages have closed across the UK. For that reason, we’re committing … Read more

Could Brexit Make Your Car Repair More Expensive?

On 31st January, the UK will leave the European Union and enters the next stage to finalise Brexit. With 11 crucial months of trade talks ahead, we take a look at what Brexit means for UK drivers and the impact on the cost of repairing, maintaining and running a car. The impact of Brexit on … Read more

12 Top Tips for Drivers This Autumn

car in autumn

The temperature is dropping, leaves are piling and the clocks are going back in less than a week; no doubt autumn is definitely upon us! And whilst most drivers anticipate car troubles in the winter, the autumn is often overlooked and underestimated. During this season, the weather is very temperamental and is quickly subject to … Read more

ClickMechanic Launches its Mechanic in Residence Programme and Expands Career Options for Car Mechanics

co founders of clickmechanic

Today, ClickMechanic has revealed its Mechanic in Residence programme. With this announcement comes a newfound, alternative career path for car mechanics. It means those that no longer want to, or are unable to, work in the field, can still remain in the industry. By applying to the Mechanic in Residence programme, car mechanics can now … Read more

50% of Used Cars Fail at Least One Category During a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Mechanic doing an inspection

We have tapped into our pre-purchase inspection data to reveal that 50% of used cars will score poorly in at least one category during a pre-purchase inspection. Pre-purchase inspections tend to be broken down into several categories which will analyse the working condition of all aspects on a used car. ClickMechanic’s is broken down into … Read more