Top 5 Tools That Mobile Mechanics Need

mobile mechanic doing a pressure test

As an auto technician, you have an array of mechanic tools set and equipment to complement your skills and expertise. As a mobile mechanic, your jobs will dictate your tools as it’s not always necessary for a mobile mechanic to cover all types of repairs. Depending on the type of job, its long-term value, and … Read more

Advice From A Mechanic: How To Get The Best Car Repair Experience

Mechanic with car parts

Motorists oftentimes note that dealing with mechanics and garages can feel daunting, navigating technical jargon and getting a fair deal can be a real source of worry and frustration. You’re not alone – we found that 1 in 2 car owners feel the same! To help navigate this process one of ClickMechanic’s top-performing mechanics, Jason … Read more

Business Card Designs And Ideas For Mobile Mechanics

You probably have a Facebook page for your business. Perhaps even a website set up. Despite the technological advances, why are business cards still very much relevant and revered in 2021? Business cards come in handy when promoting business during a trade fair, industry events, or even just a casual chat with a potential customer. … Read more

Best 10 Socket Sets For Mobile Mechanics

Socket set

What is a socket set? A socket set is a versatile set of different socket adaptors that can be attached to a socket wrench. In essence, a socket set is a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to operate a variety of fasteners, primarily those common to nuts and bolts. An attachment set … Read more

Best Mobile Mechanic Website Example

Websites can be highly valuable to a business. Having an online presence means being able to promote your business online and also boosting credibility. A website also helps in establishing a positive reputation with potential customers from the get-go. Additionally, in some cases, websites can also facilitate the booking process entirely through the internet which … Read more

Top 5 Tips To Be A Good Mobile Mechanic


As a car repair enthusiast and auto repair technician, mechanics are innately inclined and passionate about fixing things. When you instil the technical know-how and experience necessary to work with vehicles, no job is too hard. But becoming a good mobile mechanic can take years of experience and training. Just having technical knowledge may not … Read more

Top 5 Tips For Becoming A Mobile Mechanic

mobile mechanic doing a pressure test

Mobile mechanics are becoming a growing trend in the UK auto repair industry, especially in the post-COVID era. Data suggests that there has been a 127% year-on-year rise in mobile mechanics taking out insurance for their sole traderships in 2021. Customers have come to appreciate the sheer ease and convenience of the service. Instead of … Read more

What Insurance Do Mobile Mechanics Need?


So you’ve decided to take your business from the workshop to the road. One of the first questions you may have is how easy is it to set up on your own and what insurance will you need. When you’re a mobile mechanic, your vehicle and equipment are essential to your day-to-day work. Therefore, it’s … Read more

ClickMechanic offers discount on motor trade insurance via new partnership with Road Runner

RR partnership blogpost

ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repair, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Road Runner, a specialist motor trade insurance company. Through this alliance, ClickMechanic will offer mechanics on their network access to Road Runner’s wide array of flexible and competitive trade insurance policies, with additional discounts available to ClickMechanic. ClickMechanic is committed … Read more