5 Things To Do Over Easter Weekend

Let’s be honest, Easter this year may be the most normal one we have had in the last few years. And so naturally, it’s not surprising that the number of UK motorists hitting the roads for a spring getaway is expected to reach an eight-year high this Easter! There are expected to be 21 million … Read more

Fun and Romantic Affordable Car Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether or not you have a date, it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with those you love or even just to take some time for yourself. Have you ever thought of doing a date from your car to create a memorable experience? Check out our favourite car date … Read more

Winter Driving – How To Stay Safe

Winter driving is a skill. Wet weather, snow or ice can make your car feel unstable. You may find it tricky to keep your car under control. But fortunately, winter driving is a skill that can be easily learned. What it’s all about is car control and a smooth driving style. That way you can … Read more

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Motorists in 2023

London Fireworks

The New Year is finally here and with its arrival comes the vowing of countless New Year resolutions from across the country. From leading a healthier lifestyle to breaking bad habits, Brits will be trying to make all sorts of changes for the better. As such, we felt it more than fitting to find the … Read more

How Does The GB Number Plate System Work?

How does the UK licence plate system work, and what do all the letters and numbers mean? We show you how to decode the number plate system and also how to determine the age of the vehicle just by reading the number plate. We’ll be covering the standard number plate and not personalised number plates … Read more

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter Weather

Preparing your car for winter will help make sure it takes you safely through the winter months. It’s important to get things sorted before the first freeze kicks in. If we look at our own data, it’s clear that in winter we get lots more requests for typical winter problems. Heater blower motor replacements and … Read more

Top 3 UK Road Trips To Enjoy The Colours Of Autumn


Autumn is here! In spite of the relaxed travel rules outside of the UK mainland in the last few weeks, most of us probably haven’t fully adjusted to the idea of overseas travel plans. The upside is that it will allow us to explore and appreciate the beauty in our own backyard further! In addition … Read more

Top 5 Easy Car Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know

Owning a car is an investment and besides the money spent on fuel and maintenance, we often forget to give our vehicles the love and attention it deserves. Regular upkeep of your car is key to maintaining its value. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune. We’ve tested simple household items that … Read more

5 Checks To Prepare Your Car For Long Distance Drive

Mechanic repairing car

If you’re going on a long-distance drive it’s worth doing a quick maintenance check-up to ensure your car is all good to go, and for you to stay safe on the road. Here are 5 quick checks you can do yourself which help make driving long distances safer and without worries: 1. Engine oil level … Read more