MOT advisories: What do they mean?

Car exhaust emissions

If you’ve got an ‘advisory note’ on your recent MOT, you’re probably a bit concerned about what this means and what you need to do next. This article covers everything you need to know about MOT advisories. What is an MOT advisory? An MOT advisory is a warning issued by an MOT examiner when they … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Of Petrol?

fuel spilled on road

The smell of petrol within the cabin of the car can be a cause for concern as fuel is a highly flammable substance. While it’s expected for the smell to linger outside a bit when refuelling, it can be a worrying sign when the smell is prominent when driving or idling. In this article, we … Read more

Why Won’t My Car Start in the Cold

Car Broken Down in Snow

Getting into your car on a cold dark morning can be challenging not only for you as a driver but also for your vehicle. It’s very common for car batteries to produce less current at lower temperatures, which makes your starter motor work harder in the morning. The cold weather can also impede the flow … Read more

Why is My Car Making a Scraping Noise?

Mechanic doing an inspection

Squeaking and grinding noises while driving can be startling and confusing, but the cause of this noise is not always a huge threat to the vehicle. In some cases, squeaky noises are due to normal wear and tear on vehicles, while in other cases they may indicate a bigger problem. This article may help with … Read more

Category D & Written Off Cars – A Guide

A broken windshield of a car

When browsing the used-car classifieds to buy a new car you will frequently come across the term ‘Cat D’ or ‘Category D’, usually accompanied by information saying the car is an ‘insurance write-off’ or ‘accident repaired’. Often, it’s difficult to get past the car sales talk and actually understand what is meant, and potential car … Read more

5 Things To Do Over Easter Weekend

Let’s be honest, Easter this year may be the most normal one we have had in the last few years. And so naturally, it’s not surprising that the number of UK motorists hitting the roads for a spring getaway is expected to reach an eight-year high this Easter! There are expected to be 21 million … Read more

Fun and Romantic Affordable Car Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether or not you have a date, it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with those you love or even just to take some time for yourself. Have you ever thought of doing a date from your car to create a memorable experience? Check out our favourite car date … Read more

Winter Driving – How To Stay Safe

Winter driving is a skill. Wet weather, snow or ice can make your car feel unstable. You may find it tricky to keep your car under control. But fortunately, winter driving is a skill that can be easily learned. What it’s all about is car control and a smooth driving style. That way you can … Read more

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Motorists in 2023

London Fireworks

The New Year is finally here and with its arrival comes the vowing of countless New Year resolutions from across the country. From leading a healthier lifestyle to breaking bad habits, Brits will be trying to make all sorts of changes for the better. As such, we felt it more than fitting to find the … Read more