DIY: How to check your Engine Oil Level

checking oil level in car

Did you know that most car experts reckon you should check your engine oil at least once a month? To ensure that your engine remains well lubricated it is very important to check and top up your engine oil regularly. If the engine oil level drops too much there is a real danger of engine … Read more

The Complete Guide To The Check Engine Light

engine light on dashboard

A check engine light might leave you with a sinking feeling, and a burning hole in your wallet. It could mean there is an expensive problem like a catalytic converter issue, or there might just be a loose part. Regardless of the worry, you should get it looked at. This means any small issues can … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Car Fluids

Like us, cars need to stay hydrated, however, it isn’t just water that they need. Cars have been getting more efficient and reliable, but they still need some maintenance. Fluids play a massive role in keeping your car running smoothly, from the brakes to the engine. Make sure to top them up to keep your … Read more

How To Protect Your Car From The Heat

van on a road

The hot summer heatwave is coming! Will your car stand up to the heat? Some common car problems caused by the sunny weather include overheating engines, dry rot in the tyres, peeling paint and a fading interior. Luckily, these are all preventable with a little car care. How to stop your engine from overheating A … Read more