How Do Speed Guns and Cameras Work?

speed camera

You’ve likely talked to someone who received a ticket in the mail for speeding, or indeed got one yourself. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be tricky to understand where and how you ended up with the ticket in the first place. This article will guide you through how speed cameras in the UK work, what the … Read more

What Should You Do If Your Car Breaks Down?

You’re on the road. You hear a weird noise. Your dashboard lights up and your vehicle isn’t operating as it should. Not sure what to do? We’re here to guide you through the process of what actions to take when your car breaks down.  My car has broken down what do I do? Should your … Read more

Best Fuel Type For Your Car: A Guide

filling fuel in car

Fuel is what helps power a car and used to be limited to a type of gasoline or oil. With so many options available to the consumer, how do you know what is the best fuel type for your car? Read on to learn more! With the 2030 ban on the manufacture of new petrol … Read more

VIN Number: What is it and How to Find it

Man in car looking at papers with VIN

A VIN number or more accurately simply just “VIN” is a car’s unique identity code much like a serial number on a smartphone. Why is the VIN important and where is it located on a vehicle? This article will explain everything you need to know to know about it.  What is a VIN number? A … Read more

Hard Shoulder – What Is It And How To Use It

Highway overview containing hard shoulder

Hard shoulders are a vital part of the motorway system in the UK and are often a topic of confusion and debate among drivers especially since the introduction of smart motorways. In the article, you will find all about the hard shoulder, what it’s for, when and how to use it.  What is the hard … Read more

What Does SORN Mean & How Long Does it Last?

Old Car

If you plan to take your car off the road and won’t be paying tax and insurance, you will need to apply for a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) with the DVLA. This article will explain what it means and how to go about applying for it.  What does SORN mean? A SORN vehicle is … Read more

What’s Checked During an MOT?

Parts of the car checked in MOT exam

An MOT test is a Ministry of Transport test to check that vehicles are roadworthy in the UK. It is a legal requirement for all vehicles over three years old (four years in Northern Ireland) to have an annual MOT test. The test checks that the vehicle meets the minimum safety and environmental standards.  The … Read more

No Claims Bonus – Should You Protect It?

Two people signing a contract

Insurance companies usually offer customers the chance to protect their no claims discount. Customers who drive without making a claim can build up a discount on their car insurance. This article explains what no claims discount is and if it’s worth it. What is a no claims discount? An add-on to insurance policies, a no … Read more

Is an LPG conversion worth doing and what does it mean?

lpg fuel

With the recent conversations around climate preservation and choosing more sustainable, inexpensive fuels, there has been a lot of discussion about alternative fuels for mobility. While EVs and hybrids are gaining popularity in the UK, a less talked about fuel – LPG may be another option to consider. What is LPG fuel? LPG is short … Read more

Euro 1 to 6: Where Does Your Car Sit

Car exhaust emissions

With climate change becoming an existential challenge to humanity and being environmentally aware becoming the norm, car emissions and standards are important topics of discussion to help improve the world we live in. Have you ever wondered what the Euro emission standards mean and whether your car meets the latest Euro 6 standards? We put … Read more