Hiring a Car: A Guide

photo of a car key with car in the background

Navigating Europe by car can be an exhilarating experience, offering the freedom to explore the countryside, bustling cities, and historical landmarks at your own pace. Whether you’re a tourist planning a road trip or a local requiring a temporary vehicle, understanding how hiring a car can help you have a great trip. This guide aims … Read more

Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ): Explained

ULEZ board

London, a bustling metropolis and third largest city in Europe, has been taking significant steps to combat air pollution and reduce its carbon footprint. One of the key initiatives in this endeavour is the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Launched in 2019 to promote cleaner air and reduce emissions, the ULEZ has been making waves … Read more

How to Drive in the Snow

car in the snow

Navigating snowy conditions while driving on UK roads can be a challenging and potentially hazardous experience, even for the most experienced motorists. As winter begins, the landscapes can quickly transform into treacherous roads, demanding drivers to adapt their skills and techniques. In this article, we cover some tips and tricks to keep in mind when … Read more

What Causes Aquaplaning and How to Avoid it

Driving in adverse weather conditions can be challenging and risky no matter if you’re a new driver or an experienced one. One weather-related road hazard that every driver should be aware of is aquaplaning. In the UK, in 2021 alone there were 148.7 days in which 1 mm or more of rain fell which means … Read more

Why is my Car Making a Clicking Noise?

person driving a car

An unusual sound coming from a car can be worrying for any car owner. One of the most frustrating noises that car owners encounter is the distinctive “clicking” sound. The upside to this is that it could be a potential indicator of an underlying issue that can be addressed quickly – before it turns into … Read more

Road Markings: What Do They Mean?

bus lane road marking

Have you ever found yourself seeing road markings and felt slightly unsure as to what they actually mean? Whether you’re a new or seasoned driver, it’s important to be aware of road markings as they help the smooth flow of traffic and prevent accidents. This comprehensive guide will help you understand what the different road … Read more

The Dangers of Driving on Worn Tyres

Tyre tread

Tyres that have excessively worn down can be lethal. It is key therefore that tyres have not worn below the legal limit and are in good condition to ensure your car ‘sticks’ to the road.  Read our guide on worn tyres to find out more about the risks and dangers of driving with them, and … Read more