How To Use A Clutch To Prolong Clutch Lifespan

If your car has a manual gearbox, your car will have a clutch. As you might have experienced in the past, a clutch is particularly susceptible to wear. Especially if it is not used properly. If you remember clutches cost usually cost upward of 200 pounds, excluding labour it’s clear it makes sense to reconsider […]

How Do I Know If My Clutch Needs Replacing?

A clutch is a friction disc and it’s one of the most important components of a manual transmission car. It’s responsible for transferring the power from the engine through to the transmission, so it can drive the wheels. Over time, a clutch can wear out and begin to lose performance. When that happens, symptoms such […]

5 Ways To Prolong Your Clutch’s Lifespan

  If your car has a manual gear box, your car will have a clutch. Clutches are infamously susceptible to wear, and getting a mechanic to replace it can cost upwards of £500!  Luckily, by making a few tweaks to your driving style, you can drastically increase the lifespan of you clutch, saving you both […]

How Not to Treat Your Car: Blowing Up the Clutch

To start of, this is not a weekly advice column, dear blog reader. We see #HowNotToTreatYourCar as a place to make some precautionary comments and display a selection of  ‘cars gone wrong’ videos from the web. Take note though, who knows, you might learn something (if you don’t like huge repair bills that is). Have […]