How Much Does It Cost To Refurbish Alloy Wheels

Car with alloy wheel

Alloy wheels that are scuffed, dented or scratched can really spoil the look of any car. Thankfully alloy wheels can be refurbished in different ways, and are an excellent way to spruce up the look of a car. Read our guide to find out the different methods and how much alloy wheel refurbishment costs. How … Read more

How To Repair and Prevent Rust On Your Car

Fiat 600 with corrosion all-round

Rust on cars can be a nightmare to deal with and lead to some serious expenses and hassle if left untreated. Read on to find out where and when vehicles get rusty, and consider our tips and advice on how to best prevent rust or corrosion and fix any that has already occurred. Why do … Read more

Top 3 Car Repair Questions That People Ask Our Mechanics

With the many moving parts of a vehicle, come the numerous questions about car parts and repair. Our free consultation service allows customers to ask our team of expert mechanics for help diagnosing what is wrong with their vehicles. Here are the most common enquiries our in-house mechanic team receives with a brief explanation of … Read more