How Much Does It Cost To Refurbish Alloy Wheels

Car with alloy wheel

Alloy wheels can be refurbished in different ways, depending on the type of wheel and the extent of the damage. Professional refurbishment is recommended and can cost from £50 per wheel for wheels under 20”, while a DIY repair can cost under £50 with an alloy wheel repair kit. Alloy wheels can corrode, and this must be monitored as it can have serious implications for the safety of the car if left ignored.

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Where is the Fuel Pump Located

filling fuel in tank

A component that plays a vital role in the smooth running of your car is the fuel pump. This article is a quick guide to fuel pumps, their operation, and maintenance. Where Is the Fuel Pump Located? The fuel pump is an essential component of your vehicle’s fuel system, responsible for delivering fuel from the … Read more

Catalytic Converter: How Do They Work?

mechanic inspecting car

In the UK’s ongoing effort for cleaner air and reduced environmental impact, the catalytic converter plays a pivotal role within the automotive landscape. This guide will delve into how catalytic converters work, their lifespan, maintenance tips, signs of failure, location, and why they’re so sought after by thieves. What Does a Catalytic Converter Do? A … Read more

Catalytic Converter Theft and How To Prevent It

person under car

Did you know that catalytic converter thefts now account for 3-in-10 thefts from private vehicles in the UK? You might have noticed the spike in these thefts in recent local news updates. The thefts are generally due to the steep rise in prices of precious metals in the production of catalytic converters. ClickMechanic’s Mechanic in … Read more

How To Change a Wheel Bearing

car on jack stand

If you notice a strange humming noise that seems to increase with acceleration or when the vehicle turns – it’s likely that the wheel bearing of the vehicle is damaged. But what are wheel bearings? Are they car parts that you can replace yourself? This article will deep dive into what a wheel bearing is, … Read more

Why is my Car Making a Knocking Noise?

car repair suspension

From minor inconveniences to potential major problems, a knocking noise coming from the vehicle can be indicative of a variety of underlying issues. In this post, we’ll delve into the possible reasons your car might be making a knocking noise and what to do next. Car making a knocking sound when accelerating This generally occurs … Read more

How To Jump Start a Car – Manual and Automatic

Jump leads

Jump-starting a car is possible using another vehicle or a portable starter by following safety precautions and the correct method of attaching jump leads. Both automatic and stop-start battery vehicles can be jump-started by adhering to manufacturer guidelines. The key precaution is to not use hybrid or electric cars for jump-starting and handling jump leads properly.

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How To Check And Top Up Windscreen Wash

view of windscreen from inside of a car

Topping up the screen wash fluid or washer fluid is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can do yourself. However, if you’ve not done it before, it can be a bit confusing with all the different fluid reservoirs you see under the bonnet. To help you locate and fill up your screen wash reservoir, … Read more