Why is my Car Making a Clicking Noise?

person driving a car

An unusual sound coming from a car can be worrying for any car owner. One of the most frustrating noises that car owners encounter is the distinctive “clicking” sound. The upside to this is that it could be a potential indicator of an underlying issue that can be addressed quickly – before it turns into … Read more

Dead Car Battery? Here’s What To Do!

Battery with battery lead

A dead car battery is a common cause of vehicle breakdowns. Although this happens more often during the colder months, it can happen unexpectedly and can cause disruption and inconvenience when you least expect it. In this article, we will discuss how to identify a flat car battery, the options for reviving or replacing it, … Read more

Where Is My Car Battery Located?

Car Battery

Batteries can be one of those car components that can be an absolute pain. Sometimes they can inexplicably die or become flat, or the battery terminal can corrode. Battery checks and replacements are among the most requested jobs on cars. In this guide, we will share where you can actually find the battery in your … Read more