Business Card Designs And Ideas For Mobile Mechanics

You probably have a Facebook page for your business. Perhaps even a website set up. Despite the technological advances, why are business cards still very much relevant and revered in 2021?

Business cards come in handy when promoting business during a trade fair, industry events, or even just a casual chat with a potential customer. When you hand out a business card to a potential client, there is a sense of personal connection during this exchange. Well-designed cards make for a great first impression and can even spark interesting conversations that can eventually drive business. As a marketing tool, business cards create trust, establish your brand, and convey the message about your auto repair business to potential clients.

When creating or designing a business card, it’s important to keep in mind a few factors. Here are some tips and designs ideas to get you started:

Stick to a colour scheme

ClickMechanic Business Card Design - OneClickMechanic Business Card Design - One(1)A lot of business cards are designed with simple black and white colours. Although this may be a cost-saving approach, a simple black and white design is unappealing and can come across as boring. If you want to stick to a simple colour scheme, choose two colours that complement each other or use this helpful colour theory tool to help you choose your colour palette. We’ve designed this business card with contrasting colours to help highlight the characteristics of this particular business that promises to get customers cars back on the road. If you have a colour scheme that you follow on other business material such as leaflets, banners or social media posts, it’s a good idea to use that on the business cards to ensure consistency.

Include your logo

ClickMechanic Business Card Design - TwoClickMechanic Business Card Design - Two(1)It’s important to have a logo for your business and include this on your business card. This will make it easier for customers to recognise your business and will also help build brand awareness. In the above example, we’ve used the gear, with different effects on the graphic, on both sides of the card to make the logo stand out.

Use a real image

ClickMechanic Business Card Design - FourClickMechanic Business Card Design - Four

You don’t have to always stick to graphics. Having a real image of yourself, or your business (see example above) can reflect your brand values and convey a message about your work ethic. Most importantly, this gives the potential customer a peek into your day-to-day life as an expert technician.

Include your social media and website

It’s 2021 and everyone’s online. Although your business card is an excellent starting point to engage with your customer, it is likely that they will end up losing the business card. Having your social media handles or business website details on the card (see example above) encourages your potential customers to look you up online.

One-sided vs two-sided

ClickMechanic Business Card Design - Three (One-sided)Keeping the information limited to one side of the business card keeps things concise and also reduces printing costs. Another benefit of a single-sided card is that you can leave additional notes on the blank side, for example, making a specific reference to the conversation with the customer or providing a quote. Two-sided cards are surely helpful when you want to convey more information such as all the services and car repairs you offer as a mechanic.

Consider what info to include  

ClickMechanic Business Card Design ClickMechanic Business Card Design - Six

You can use your business card to convey more information about your business besides just your contact details. This is especially helpful when you don’t have a full-fledged website set up. Having detailed information will give the customer more understanding about what you offer.

Be creative

ClickMechanic Business Card Design - FiveClickMechanic Business Card Design - Five

A business card doesn’t have to be simple. Be creative. You can include a QR code (see example above) that will customers directly to your website. Depending on your budget for your business cards, you can try a variety of different materials – this one’s a really creative one we found online!

A business card represents you and your company. A business card not only conveys important personal information, such as name, address, website, and phone number, but it can also serve as a first impression of your business at places where you are likely to engage with potential customers in person.

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