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Upwardly Mobile: ClickMechanic Raises Funding to Fix Car Repair Industry

New Funding Raised To Support Our Mission to bring Transparent Pricing to the Car Repair Sector.
clickmechanic founders
Today, we’re super-excited to announce that we’ve secured 6-figure funding from a fantastic group of investors to fuel our growth as a business.  We’ve grown very rapidly in the past year thanks to our wonderful team and the ever-growing band of mobile mechanics that deliver great service up and down the UK.  For us to continue on that path we’ve reached out to some amazing people, including Klaus Nyengaard – former CEO of JustEat and another 8 investors, to provide financial backing and strategic advice. A full list of our of new investors is at the bottom of this post.

The investment has also enabled us to bring in new team members, including Peter Kerr, former International Sales Manager of Just Eat, and Jake Mellett, former Head of Search and Partnerships in the Beauty Division at the Hut Group.

Investment To Fuel Our Mission

So why have raised this money?  ClickMechanic begins its story back in 2012 when Andrew and Felix met.  Since then the two of them have worked tirelessly to build the business and develop a marketplace which brings vetted, qualified mechanics together in one network while using manufacturer-approved data to ensure users can trust the prices they pay.  Many of you reading this now will know from first-hand experience how ClickMechanic has saved you money on your car repair.  Or perhaps you’re one of the mobile mechanics that has come on board and are now receiving an ever-growing line of work from us.

We’re growing at a rate of 20%-40% a month thanks to what we believe is a service that no one else is offering and a trusty team of mobile mechanics working hard to fix cars and clean up the sometimes negative impression that many people have of mechanics and car repair costs.  For us to continue improving the platform and offer great customer service we felt it was the right time to seek additional investment.  It’s as simple as that really.

A Big Thank You to All Involved

It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done this without the continued support of our customers.  We’re eternally grateful for all of the support and as we grow we hope that by ending the frustration of poor service and vague pricing we’ll make a long-lasting difference to the car repair industry.

For any press enquires contact: Jake.mellet@clickmechanic.com

Angel investors from the second funding round include:

•    Klaus Nyengaard – Former CEO of JustEat, Current Chariman of Wahanda, ClickMechanic Lead Angel
•    Rasmus Wolff – Former CCO of JustEat
•    Giorgio Ponticelli – Managing Director of New Markets at Wahanda
•    Lopo Champalimaud – Founder and CEO of Wahanda
•    Leigh Phillipson – Sales Director of Wahanda
•    Simon Schnieders – Former Head of SEO at Zoopla
•    Andy Wilson – Head of Growth at GetYourGuide
•    Chris Wood – CCO of Wahanda
•    Ian Hooper – Former Vice President of Seemless

Former angel investors from the first funding round include James Bromley, current COO of SwiftKey; Robin Carter, former FD of The Ministry of Justice; and Imperial Innovations, the venture arm of Imperial College.

Ever Felt Like You’ve Been Ripped Off by a Car Mechanic?

Our Survey of 2000 members of the UK Public says: Consumers want Transparent Car Repair Pricing.

car repair estimator

Speak to any car owner and they’ll be able to tell you a horror story about being on the receiving end of a bodged or expensive car repair.  According to a survey that we have commissioned this is a shamefully familiar story.

  • Almost a quarter  (23%) of people felt ripped off by the price they were quoted when they last visited a car mechanic
  • 23% also felt stressed out by the experience and 25% were even nervous about entering a garage
  • Roughly half (45%) had no idea how much common car repairs should cost

But, my friends it doesn’t have to be that way. Today we are fighting back against the frustrations of never knowing whether a car mechanic is giving you a fair price.  How, I hear you say. Well, let me introduce you to our new car repair price estimator.  All you have to do is add your car make, model, type of repair and location and there you have it in black and white; an estimate of the costs of that repair comparing dealerships, independent garages and ClickMechanic mobile mechanics.

Fair Prices Calculated from Real Data

The calculator looks at millions of data points across repair times, labour rates and part prices so please be assured that the estimate you see is based on actual costs. We’ll need a few more details from you to give you the exact cost before you book with us but there’s no doubt this is a huge step forward for transparency in the car repair sector.

Obviously, as you’ve got to this point in the article you’ve already tried the estimator, right?  Then you wise people will know that the results show that booking your car repair with ClickMechanic will save you 30% on average.  In fact the repair to the Audi A4 in the image above shows a whopping saving of 61% on the dealership and 14% on the independent garage. Not only are you saving your hard earned cash you’ll also enjoy the convenience of our trusty band of mobile mechanics coming to you to complete the job, thus taking the stress out of taking your car to a garage.

The Beginning of our Mission

We hope you find our price calculator really useful, it unquestionably gives you the empowerment and confidence to get the right price for whatever car repair service you need. An additional finding of our survey was that nearly a third of respondents didn’t feel comfortable questioning the quote they were given. Clearly the car repair sector needs to do better and it’s our mission to create a service that provides transparent pricing and allows you to take control of when and where you get your car fixed.