Essentials Items To Keep In Your Car

A few months ago, we asked our customers which items they do carry in their car at all times. And all participants made sensible choices when it comes to items, tools and safety equipment. We take a closer look at which essential items you should carry with you in your car. Legally required items If … Read more

Common Noises Your Car Can Make And What They Mean

One of the most common questions our expert team of in-house mechanics receives on a regular basis is: “My car makes a strange noise, what does this mean?” Here are some pointers as to the different sounds that could be coming from your car, and what they could mean. Squealing from the engine while driving … Read more

Damages potholes can do to a car

Damages Potholes can do to a car

Like plants, potholes grow with the rain. During the winter, rainwater puddles on the surface, but gets into the cracks between the tarmac. Underneath the tarmac, it freezes pushing the tarmac out as it expands into ice. This combined with the constant pressure of vehicles driving overtop causes potholes to quickly form. The most recent … Read more

Road Safety Advice Every Driver Should Know

Every 20 minutes, someone is seriously injured or killed on British roads. These accidents are all preventable if simple rules of road safety are followed. Easy to follow road safety tips Slow down Speed is a crucial factor when it comes to road safety. The faster you drive, the greater the risk of accidents. Driving … Read more

OEM vs Aftermarket Car Parts – What Is The Difference

When it comes to car repair, choosing the right parts can be confusing and in most cases overwhelming with so many options from OEM, OE, aftermarket or refurbished parts out there. To cut through this, here is our overview of the different part categories that are out there: Genuine (OE) car parts Genuine parts, often … Read more