How Much Does It Cost To Refurbish Alloy Wheels

Car with alloy wheel

Alloy wheels can be refurbished in different ways, depending on the type of wheel and the extent of the damage. Professional refurbishment is recommended and can cost from £50 per wheel for wheels under 20”, while a DIY repair can cost under £50 with an alloy wheel repair kit. Alloy wheels can corrode, and this must be monitored as it can have serious implications for the safety of the car if left ignored.

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How To Jump Start a Car – Manual and Automatic

Jump leads

Jump-starting a car is possible using another vehicle or a portable starter by following safety precautions and the correct method of attaching jump leads. Both automatic and stop-start battery vehicles can be jump-started by adhering to manufacturer guidelines. The key precaution is to not use hybrid or electric cars for jump-starting and handling jump leads properly.

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Has My Car’s Handbrake Cable Snapped?

Has My Car's Handbrake Cable Snapped?

A snapped handbrake cable is a common fault on older cars, caused by wear and tear, corrosion, and excessive force. It is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible, as it can lead to an MOT fail and invalidate insurance. The cost of a handbrake cable replacement depends on the make and model of the car, but can range between £75 and £150.

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How Do I Know If A Suspension Bush Is Worn?

How do I know if my suspension bushes need replacing?

Suspension bushes are rubber parts that are fitted between most suspension parts to ensure no metal-to-metal contact and to control the amount of movement between parts. Signs of a worn suspension bush include clunking or rattling noises, uneven tyre wear, a vague or drifting feeling from the steering wheel when turning, and loose steering or poor car handling. Replacing a worn suspension bush can be tricky and may require a heavy press, or the bush may only be available as part of the suspension arm.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Resale Value

many cars in a parking lot

It is well known that new cars start to lose value as soon as they are driven off the dealer’s forecourt, or indeed while they’re still there. Over the course of ownership, vehicles will lose further value as they age and their condition deteriorates. In this guide, we will share tips on maintaining your car’s … Read more

How to Properly Wash Your Car

As you drive your vehicle its exterior will inevitably get dirty by all the grime and debris the roads throw onto the vehicle. Read our guide to find out all about the best way to wash a car. Why should I wash my car? The main reason to wash a car will ultimately always be … Read more

The Dangers of Driving on Worn Tyres

Tyre tread

Tyres that have excessively worn down can be lethal. It is key therefore that tyres have not worn below the legal limit and are in good condition to ensure your car ‘sticks’ to the road.  Read our guide on worn tyres to find out more about the risks and dangers of driving with them, and … Read more

How To Fix A Frozen Car Window

Frozen Car Window

In frosty weather, any ice that has formed around the window rubbers of one of the windows on the side can freeze it shut. Usually, you won’t even notice the issue as it’s unlikely you will open the window in freezing temperatures. However, it can be an inconvenient issue should you really need to wind … Read more