Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Resale Value

many cars in a parking lot

It is well known that new cars start to lose value as soon as they are driven off the dealer’s forecourt, or indeed while they’re still there. Over the course of ownership, vehicles will lose further value as they age and their condition deteriorates. In this guide, we will share tips on maintaining your car’s … Read more

How to Properly Wash Your Car

As you drive your vehicle its exterior will inevitably get dirty by all the grime and debris the roads throw onto the vehicle. Read our guide to find out all about the best way to wash a car. Why should I wash my car? The main reason to wash a car will ultimately always be … Read more

Category D & Written Off Cars – A Guide

A broken windshield of a car

When browsing the used-car classifieds to buy a new car you will frequently come across the term ‘Cat D’ or ‘Category D’, usually accompanied by information saying the car is an ‘insurance write-off’ or ‘accident repaired’. Often, it’s difficult to get past the car sales talk and actually understand what is meant, and potential car … Read more