What Is A Rain And Light Sensor?

What is a rain and light sensor?

Almost all modern cars have plenty of sensors. The light and rain sensors are important for monitoring the weather and adapting the car to suit. They are usually found together on the windscreen near the top by the rearview mirror. If there is a problem with them, then the warning light will show up. The … Read more

A Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Car

img source:cargroom.co.nz Why should I clean my car? A lot happens when you park your car. Birds, trees and even the weather work against you. Even while driving, you are subject to other car exhaust particulates that give you a black soot dusting, not to mention all the muck they kick up as well. This … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Car Servicing

Regular car servicing keeps your vehicle in prime condition, helping protect against wear and tear. Even a basic interim service can keep your car running smoothly and protect it from repairs. Usually, people will also take on more rigorous servicing to replace commonly worn down elements such as the air filters or spark plugs. Car … Read more

How to finance a new car

A range of finance products for UK motorists With the widest ever range of finance products on offer, it has never been easier for motorists to buy a new car. And with good reason as dealers usually make more money on the finance products sold than the profit from the vehicle. Despite this fact, it’s … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Car Fluids

An image of a car engine with multiple parts on display, showing the importance availability has to oem parts.

Like us, cars need to stay hydrated, however, it isn’t just water that they need. Cars have been getting more efficient and reliable, but they still need some maintenance. Fluids play a massive role in keeping your car running smoothly, from the brakes to the engine. Make sure to top them up to keep your … Read more

The Best Games for Kids On Car Journeys

kid on car

Many of us here at ClickMechanic have youngsters in the back seat. Long drives can be a nightmare as there are very few ways to keep a child contained in their seat for hours. Sure you can leave them with an iPad but kids will quickly become bored of that, especially if all you have … Read more