5 Ways You Can Save Fuel In Your Car

While there is no confirmation of an actual fuel shortage by the UK government officials, car owners across the country have started stocking up on fuel, leaving empty petrol stations and making it increasingly difficult to get hold of any fuel.

As car owners grow concerned about the fuel crisis and driver shortage, it’s worth looking at 5 ways you can save on fuel in your car.

Remove the unnecessary weight

When you have a boot full of things you don’t need, your car has to work harder to drive, resulting in it using more fuel. Remember to remove unnecessary items from the boot if you’re not going to need them on your journey. Similarly, roof racks, or anything else that adds weight, can be removed if they are not used regularly.

Check your tyres!

When you drive with tyres not inflated properly, you consume more fuel than you should. Refer to your user manual or look on the inside of your car door or fuel cap to determine the right pressure for your vehicle.

Tyre ratings can also make a difference to overall fuel efficiency in the long run. The first diagram in the tyre rating chart (below) refers to how much rolling resistance the tyre has when the wheels are turning. The best rating is an A grade and G, the worst. If you do not cover great distances, this shouldn’t greatly concern you, but if you do a lot of miles, then the difference in the efficiency of over 7% between A and G can mean a lot!

Tyres rating

Check the news and plan your route

Keep in mind to check the local news or listen for the latest updates on the radio about road closures and traffic jams causing long queues. This will help plan your route better and potentially save fuel.

Combine short trips

Whenever possible, consider making one trip rather than several short trips. A warm engine is much more efficient than a cold one. Lots of cold starts will most likely use more fuel even if the total mileage is the same.

Regular service and maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance and servicing can help improve the efficiency of your vehicle and bring down fuel consumption. Even something as basic as having your oil changed as recommended for your vehicle can positively impact overall fuel economy.

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